The Ladybug is melancholic: missing buying vintage abroad!

In the last few years I managed to put together two of my biggest passions: travelng and vintage.

I loved my “vintage preparation” before heading to a new town, imagining the shops and the gems that I could find there, enjoying exploring a new city and its vintage treasures…I miss all this so much. And while I am thinking of making new guides of my favorite vintage shops in the many town that I have visited, I try to buy online every now and then from the places where I have been (or I long to be) just not to lose completely the flavor of this vintage research abroad.

When everything closed in March last year I was exactly in that phase of “vintage preparation” as I had to be in Southern Spain beginning of the month and I was preparing the trip with the “not-to-miss” vintage shops around. I was so disappointed to cancel this trip and everything that went with it.

There is something about buying vintage abroad that fascinates me, I think that it depends on the view on vintage that every country has. Abroad the shops and the vintage selection that you may find can be very different from country to country, because in the different places people culturally approach vintage in different ways, which is very fascinating to me. It is one of the aspects of my never-ending vintage research that I miss more right now.

This outfit is an example of various pieces found in different places around the world:

  • The purple lurex knitted top is Italian, it comes from Humana Vintage in Milan
  • The vintage silky skirt (with lovely peacock print) comes from a lovely shop called Szputnyik in Budapest, a town that really surprised me for the extensive offer of vintage!
  • The vintage bag comes from Budapest too, from a little lovely shop called Lovebug Vintage
  • The shoes come from New York, one of my most massive vintage adventures!
  • The beautiful purple flower brooch is not vintage, but a lovely Christmas present from my friend who found it in a vintage and handmade market in Rome!

Well, this is what I call a multicultural or multi-latitude vintage outfit, definitely my favorite ones!