The Ladybug slowly returns to normal vintage blogging

The Ladybug Chronicles Viganò (1)

I am realizing now that I didn’t even publish a blog post for a month now…May has been a very hard month: I was more concentrated on the changes happening during the month with the end of the lockdown and the progressive re-opening of the activities. Changing my mind from isolation to “ok, it’s time to get back to the world!” was not easy. I am still working from home and my come back to reality is happening very slowly. Also, I was so much more concentrated on my Instagram channel that I quite forgot the rest!

Nevertheless I have so much content to share that I decided to be back with a quite old outfit post, that I wore during my first visit to Viganò, one of the most iconic historical shops of Milan. That same day I was going to discover all the secrets of this place, through a guided tour inside the history of this place and family. I was impressed by the beauty and the memories that are still there: you can imagine the Milan of the 20s, 30s and so on and the classy ladies buying sequins and pearls, the opera divas and the rich ladies of the era, only looking for the best quality around. But Viganò is not just a sewing shop!

The Ladybug Chronicles Viganò (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Viganò (3)

We discovered for example, an amazing jewelry collection from the best jewel designers, including YSL, Dior and many other famous designers dating from the 40s and passing by the different eras with different styles. This place is like a little museum that every Milanese must know, but also every vintage lover around!

That day I wore a total vintage outfit from Maison Retrò (mustard 80s shirt and grey midi skirt) paired with a 70s rattan bag from My Italian Bazaar. To complete the sustainable outfit I added a handmade turban from Madame Ilary and handmade clogs from Casta e Dolly at Arkivio Vintage.

The Ladybug Chronicles Viganò (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Viganò (4)

The Ladybug found the perfect 80s playsuit!

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (1)

I love playsuits, I think they are the sexiest thing to wear…if you are tall, slim and young! I die for the charming shapes of 70s playsuits but after buying many of them and re-selling them all, I understood that maybe I needed to reset my standards. I am not tall, I have a little belly and large waist, how to find a playsuit for me?

The idea of switching from the 70s to the 80s came to my mind when I insisted with my friend that she bought a lovely 80s floral jumpsuit in a vintage shop in Brussels. She is definitely taller and thinner than me but the loose shape of the jumpsuit was perfect for her. I wondered if it could be perfect for me too so I started a long search of the perfect 80s playsuit that could fit me until I found this one from Maison Retrò.

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (4)

I loved the color (pale blue) and the floral pattern but even more I loved the super cute collar with such an 80s vintage twist. It was online so I asked for the measurement as I was still worried about the fit. When I realized that it could fit I decided to buy it.

I was so happy when I received my package: not only the color and pattern were even better in real life but I adored the way it fitted!

I wore it immediately during my summer holidays in Sicily, for a night out with my family, pairing it with a yellow African wax headband and golden hoop earrings from Gogo Philip. Golden peep-toe ankle boots are from the Italian brand Fiori Francesi.

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles 80s jumpsuit (5)

The Ladybug’s personality in one (vintage) dress!


I still remember the exact moment when I fell in love with this dress: it was a lazy sunny Sunday morning, I just woke up and I was bed playing with my phone: my last Instagram updates, checking emails, a quick look at my Etsy, Vintag and Depop apps and then I found it! Federica from Maison Retrò (you know already that she is one of my favorite vintage providers online!) just posted it on Depop. It was just perfect: vintage, earth colors, African style…I immediately asked if it would fit me! While I was waiting for her answer Ilaria was sending me a message on Facebook saying that Federica was selling the perfect dress for me…it was the same dress! It was definitely meant for me!



When I saw it for real I liked it even more and I started wearing it all the time! Friends and colleagues were telling me how perfect it was for me and how it really suited my style. And I must admit that it is true, that’s exactly my style!

Here I wore it on a Saturday morning with Ilaria pairing it with a big brown belt from Mango and one of her amazing turbans handmade with the fabric and trims that I brought from Amman!

Brass earrings are handmade from Metalica Creazioni and flat sandals are from Clarks (probably not the best choice but my feet were hurting that day so I needed a pair of uber comfy shoes!).



The Ladybug has a new vintage 80s shirt

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (1)

In my last post I showed you one of my new 80s vintage shirts that I bought from Maison Retro on Depop, today I show you the second one (there are a few more!).  I met Federica for the first time on Facebook and I still remember that my first purchase from her was a wool vintage plaid culottes that I adore. She was such a nice and helpful seller and I loved the skirt so much that I kept buying from her and I am now quite obsessed with her vintage pieces. Her style is strongly in line with mine and almost every new vintage piece on her shop is in my wish list!

When I bought my mustard shirt I also got this 80s purple long shirt, with a beautiful collar (sort of Korean one) and a stunning print. It is so 80s and I loved the shape so much that I couldn’t hide it and tuck it into a bottom, so I decided to wear it free and in all its beauty!

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (3)

To leave the attention on it I just paired it with a pair of jeans from Mango (from an old collection) and my thrifted Golden Goose ankle Texan boots.

As every time that I wear a 80s piece I always add a pair of earrings of the same era (I love the big statement earrings of that decade!): this time I went for this big vintage golden clip hoop earrings that I bought many years ago from a vintage seller at the” Valeggio Veste il Vintage” event, after a long search of a pair exactly like these!

Rings: Indian vintage, Berber vintage and brass (cowrie + fertility doll) from Afrohemien. 

Click here for a similar women pant!

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Purple Shirt (2)

The Ladybug mixing mustard and olive

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (1)

No strange food mixes there! Just me having fun with clothes as usual and trying new color combinations when getting dressed!

Since I received this beautiful 80s vintage shirt from Maison Retro (that I love for the incredible details and loose shape!) I have been thinking of how good the mustard color would match an olive green piece, until I remembered about my Aztec-afro printed dark green Marlene trousers handmade from Madame Ilary!

I was right! They were perfect together!!

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (4)

I added a mustard accessory and an olive green one: the dark yellow shoes with a 60s twist are new, handmade in Spain but designed in London from Miista (one of my new favorite shoe designers); the second accessory is my lovely dark green bag from L’Autre Chose, an Italian piece that I spotted during a sample sale in Milan last winter for one third of the original price!

Last but not least, I added a pair of Zara statement earrings that I bought in Sofia last year, also one of the rare pieces from Zara that I still have in my wardrobe!

What do you think of this combo?

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Green and Yellow (5)

The Ladybug and the Sicilian shade of blue

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (2).JPG

Blue: the color of my beautiful Sicily.

I loved this street art at a tram stop along the sea in my hometown Messina, because it just reminded me of the color of my native sea.

I wore this almost total vintage outfit during my winter holidays, it was a warm and sunny day for December and I was just enjoying a long walk with my sister when we stopped to take some pictures.

I was wearing my new vintage culottes from Maison Retrò, an online shop from the lovely Federica who mostly sells on social networks. It was the first time that I bought something that I just saw on Facebook but thanks to Federica it was a lovely experience and the plaid culottes were just perfect!

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (5)

I paired it with a Benetton jumper and another vintage find from Damsels in Distress: these adorable pair of shoes that looked like a pair that my granny used to wear when I was a kid.

The beautiful knotted turban, handmade with vintage lace and golden trims, is from Madame Ilary, golden loops earrings are a vintage find from Sugar Mama Vintage and the beautiful Senegalese orange necklace comes from the lovely Mara of Seyeyaram that I met during the Popcorn Garage Market: we share the same love and passion for Senegal that’s why we recognized each other in the middle of a crowded market!

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Plaid Skirt (4)