The Ladybug goes green, finally!

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (3)

Do you know when you get obsessed with something and you cannot find it and you get more and more stressed about it until you finally find it?

Well, this is what happened with my 2016 winter obsession with green pants. I decided that I wanted a pair of green trousers or culottes but I couldn’t find a pair that I liked until this winter, at Zara!

I was actually looking for corduroy culottes when I found these online and I thought that the color was so nice that I wanted to try them: they are in the middle between trousers and culottes and when I received them I realized that they were exactly what I wanted!

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (4)

I wore them immediately with a Benetton black jumper and a black coat from Sportmax at Diffusione Tessile (where I almost buy all my non-vintage coats!). I added a touch of green with this Stondo asymmetric hat and golden loops from Sugar Mama Vintage.

But the biggest highlight of this post is this pair of amazing leather ankle boots with pearl buttons from Marella! I fell in love with them at the beginning of the season but I had to wait until the winter sales session to get a pair that I dreamed of for about 4 months!! Now they are at my feet almost daily (as they are also super comfortable!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Goes Green (5)


The Ladybug is retro or vintage?

TheLadybugChronicles Vintage&Retro (4)

Vintage or retro? What is the difference?

A vintage piece is an original piece from the past, a piece that had a life before ending in your hands, that resisted time and use, that traveled the world before finding place in your wardrobe.

A retro piece is totally new, made with new materials but reminding old styles for its shape or pattern.

I personally prefer original vintage but many of the “new” pieces of clothing that I have in my wardrobe are retro. Sometimes I just like to mix them up, just to give a vintage twist without wearing head-to-toe vintage.

That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago (before the heat invading Milan!) where I put together three retro pieces with a vintage one.

TheLadybugChronicles Vintage&Retro (1)

TheLadybugChronicles Vintage&Retro (2)

Retro pieces:

          Although it looks absolutely vintage (the shape is based on a 40’s original pattern) the navy high waisted trousers with golden buttons are absolutely new. It is an handmade piece by Madame Ilary and definitely one of my favorite retro pieces!

          The pale pink shirt with fireflies is also new: it comes from Diffusione Tessile but its pattern and shape is absolutely retro inspired!

          Ankle boots: squared toe, moccasin ankle boots with golden chain…this pair of Marella boots are definitely inspired by the 60s, no doubt!

Vintage piece:

          Burberry original trench is one of my favorite vintage finds of the last few months! I was looking for one like this: men style but for women. I found it in a lovely vintage shop in Milan called Napoleone;

          Myself….an original piece from the 70s!!!

TheLadybugChronicles Vintage&Retro (5)