The Ladybug Has Fun, “The Italian Way!”

The Ladybug Chronicles - Italian Beauty 05

Here’s a fun and lighthearted shoot for you!

I was running errands with KNAGUI and a friend of ours when he decided that this place was perfect for shooting! We didn’t care too much about what I was wearing; we just decided to enjoy the moment, and we did (as you can see from the pictures, I can’t stop laughing!).

We were walking by and reading the Vogue Italia installation of photographs representing “The Italian Way” and “A Tribute to Italian Beauty” (amazing pictures can be found throughout this outdoor exhibit, by the way!) in Milan and decided to make mention of it on the blog.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Italian Beauty 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Italian Beauty 04

The Ladybug Chronicles - Italian Beauty 03

While there I imitated Sophia Loren’s poses, jumped and twirled around, laughed and played.  It was a welcome break for my spirit after such a serious day. We loved the results and hope you appreciate our sharing them with you!

I am wearing Max & Co blouse, Zara trousers and patent flats, Massimo Rebecchi handbag (acquired by our assistant of the day – LOL) and my special handmade earrings from my beautiful and talented auntie!

(Photo credit: KNAGUI)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Italian Beauty 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Italian Beauty 06

The Ladybug’s Milan Fashion Week pt 2: Massimo Rebecchi Fashion Show

The Ladybug Chronicles - Massimo Rebecchi 16

It can happen only during a Fashion Week! It is a phrase that I heard a lot of times, but I now understand what it means… in my small world of lazy Sunday mornings- in bed until late afternoon, having an invitation for 9am is for sure challenging. But it was Fashion Week and the Massimo Rebecchi show so I decided it was worth an early Sunday morning wake up. I did my best to appear fresh and well rested and I understand that the result wasn’t perfect, but the show was absolutely to-die-for; the location – Accademia di Brera – and the VIP parterre was the icing on the cake!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Massimo Rebecchi 10

The Ladybug Chronicles - Massimo Rebecchi 11

TLC-Massimo Rebecchi Post 15

In the Massimo Rebecchi SS15 collection you can find all the Massimo Rebecchi ingredients (silk, prints, colors), but mixed up with new elements (for example: dark denim and pop art colors and geometry) to create a completely new effect. And this effect reminded of the ’60s allure when pop art met fashion for new unexpected colors and patterns creating a completely new approach to fashion (anyone thinking of Yves Saint Laurent and his Mondrian dress?). But now the modern key is the tri-dimension: dresses and blouses have new forms and new graphics, and there is a blossoming of colors from pastels to color-block- mixed with more classic black and white.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Massimo Rebecchi 12

TLC-Massimo Rebecchi Post 14

The Ladybug Chronicles - Massimo Rebecchi 13

But there are also the ’70s in this Massimo Rebecchi SS15 collection: strong colors mixed (light blue with red, yellow and red) and new asymmetric forms for long silk dresses and playsuits, along with flower mixes and jacquard. Plus a little wink to the ’90s sporty style with a new version of gym chic touched by new modern essential lines.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Massimo Rebecchi 17

All these different inspirations found a place in an always recognizable Rebecchi’s style, where the lightness of materials and of the forms make him one of my favorites as always.

I wore Topshop navy silk blouse and my new beautiful handmade statement necklace from my summer trip to Singapore.