The Ladybug is a modern 80s child

The Ladybug Chronicles Modern 80s Child (1)

I don’t buy only vintage. I’d love to but I find it too complicated and every now and then I am tempted by fast fashion and high street labels as well as designer.

Nevertheless I realize that even when I don’t buy vintage I always buy vintage inspired pieces that I love to mix with original ones to create my own personal vintage mixed outfits!

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It was the case when I bought this maxi camel jumper from H&M:I loved so much the 80s oversized flare that I bought it two sizes bigger just to exaggerate it!

I paired it with a black pencil skirt from Zara and original 90s slouchy boots from Max&Co. To complete the 80s look I added a pair of handmade “3/4 moon” brass earrings from my adored Metalica Creazioni.

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The Ladybug’s love and hate for autumn

The Ladybug Chronicles Fall Colors (2)

I have a strange love/hate affair with autumn: I am deeply in love with its colors, the dead leaves, the cozy clothes, a new season beginning and a lot of plans for the upcoming winter. Other things that I love: the red wine, the chestnuts, the pumpkins.

On the other hand it is the end of summer and it is always hard for me to accept that my second favorite season is over! I always feel like I didn’t enjoy it enough and that I didn’t wear all the clothes that I wanted to wear!

Anyway, one of the things that I do often when autumn is starting is to dress with its same colors: I wear camel, brown, blue, dark green, all the colors that make me feel like “it’s autumn time”!

The Ladybug Chronicles Fall Colors (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fall Colors (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fall Colors (6)

This is what happened when I took these pictures: it was mid-September not officially autumn yet, but the weather was a bit chilly in Milan and I wore this beautiful vintage suede long skirt, a present that I received from my friend Carmen when I visited her in Frankfurt last July.

I paired with a camel toned bag from Coccinelle and burgundy leather clogs from Casta & Dolly (from Archivio Vintage in Milan). I completed my shades of autumn with a burgundy lipstick from Nyx.

On the other side there is blue, like my denim shirt with tiny tie on the neck from Max & Co (I bought it during the summer sales!) and like the stone on my vintage silver loops.

The Ladybug Chronicles Fall Colors (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Fall Colors (4)

The Ladybug’s memories from Paris

The Ladybug Chronicles Paris (5)

It feels a bit strange to write about Paris right now, about a week after the sad events of the 13th of November. But I don’t want to keep these sad memories and I want to remember my Paris, the city I probably love most in the world due to my past experience, through the same eyes I had when I visited for a weekend a couple of weeks ago.

If there is a city in the world that I still would move to immediately this city is Paris. I spent there part of my youth during many long stays mostly for study and my first travel ever alone was there. I can say that I know the city pretty well and that I left a piece of my heart there. This is one of the reasons why I don’t go there too often, because I feel so sad when I have to leave! My last visit was about ten years ago. At the beginning of the year I decided that 2015 was the year for my “homecoming” and I picked up the best vintage event in town to have the perfect excuse to go and visit my friends in Paris: the Salon du Vintage.

The Ladybug Chronicles Paris (1)

The Ladybug Chronicles Paris (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Paris (7)

We will talk about this event in my next post but for now I just want to tell you about my Saturday around Paris. I didn’t feel like visiting as a tourist so I decided to pick up some interesting exhibits to visit during the day and just walked around enjoying the atmosphere and the life as a real Parisian (which meant also eating in lovely French bistrots and cafés). I started the visit with the Andy Warhol exhibition, Warhol Unlimited, at the MAM – Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris. It was a great exhibit maybe my third or fourth of Mr. Warhol but I could see some of his pieces I’ve never seen before, including short videos of the Factory icons and Jackie Kennedy paintings. It was also the occasion to walk around the Palais de Tokyo with one of my favorite views of the Eiffel Tower!

Second stop was one of my favorite places in the world, the Centre Pompidou, where I could finally visit Cuban artist Wifredo Lam exhibit and walk around one of my favorite areas in Paris also full of vintage shops where I spent part of my afternoon (I will tell you more in my next post!), before heading to the Pinacothèque de Paris to visit Karl Lagerfeld amazing photography exhibit A visual journey.

The Ladybug Chronicles Paris (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Paris (3)

I couldn’t help heading to the FNAC to buy French books and walking to the Ile de la Cité to visit (again!) Notre Dame Cathedral. From there I walked to Saint-Germain-des-Prés to remember the area of French artists and intellectuals of the 40’s and 50’s (no wonder I had Simone de Beauvoir books in my bag!) and one of my favorite areas in town.

It was a quite full day of exploring and re-visit places that really mean something to me and I realized that nothing has really changed even if things have changed on both sides (Paris and mine!): this is the city that I married years ago and that I’m still madly in love with!

More about “Vintage Paris” in my next post!

I wore Whistles dotted dress, Max & Co coat and bag, Lazzari shoes and Maison Momoni scarf.

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The Ladybug’s Loves the Skin She’s In: I Skin Good with Physiogel!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Physiogel 01

Today I want to talk about skin and I want to ask you a question: how many of you follow a solid healthy routine every morning and every night to protect your skin? Not only your face but your entire body?

I know it’s not easy and believe me, sometimes I would like to stay in bed 10 minutes longer or go to bed 10 minutes earlier, but I force myself every day to give this little gift to my skin that makes me feel better. And when I do, I can see that my skin is really grateful for it!

Last week I was invited to the first event sponsored by Physiogel to talk about skin at the Open Bookstore in Milan (the location was lovely and the event very interesting!)

The Ladybug Chronicles - Physiogel 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Physiogel 04

The dermatologist, Adele Sparavigna, was there to give us some tips and good advice about our skin. She helped us to first understand what kind of skin we have. Is it dry? Sensitive? Do we use the right products that respect our skin type and the environment? Do we keep it hydrated all day and night? For example, did you know that you could use sparkling water on your face if the water from the sink irritates you?

Also, she gave us some very interesting tips to learn how to read the tags on our daily creams and lotions, the famous INCI codes with all the info and the ingredients contained in our creams. I know most of them are almost unreadable, but I am sharing with you a very interesting site ( where you can learn how to read them and be more aware of what we feed our skin every day.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Physiogel 05

nutri idratante lozione combi (2)

sollievo calmante crema lenitiva (2)

Physiogel products are very famous for their attention to ingredients and for the care of most sensitive skin.  I know because I have used their products and I want to share these new products that you can easily find at your pharmacy or beauty products shop.

The Nutri-Hydratant lotion for dry and sensitive skins is a daily body product that I use in summer or winter when my skin is very dry because of tights or sun, depending on the season. It’s very soft and it absorbs easily; it helps keep your skin hydrated all day long and gives your sking a pleasant feeling because it alleviates that awful feeling of “stretching” skin.

The Soothing Care cream for dry, irritated and reactive skin is one of my can’t-live-without products in summer: I always have a tube in my summer bag because it is miraculous against sunburns or insect bites or in general skin reddening.

But “I Skin Good” is not only a slogan to help us women take care of our skin, it is also a lifestyle tip.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Physiogel 02

I wasn’t surprised, indeed, to find at the event the lifestyle coach Vale Giuffré who really made us understand what it means to be comfortable in our skin and shared the real meaning of skin self-confidence. It’s not enough to say, “I feel good in my skin,” no matter how many different languages we use to express it. Because the truth is self-confidence and love for ourselves are the first things that come out of our pores when we really have these two components in our life… so, it’s no surprise when we are not happy and confident with ourselves it’s, as they say, “written all over our face” with acne or dark circles even wrinkles! Our skin is really the first business card of our soul. Diane Von Furstenberg used to say this: “Life is too short and insecurity is a waste of time.” And let me now add: it’s also a very bad habit for beautiful skin!

You can visit  or to find out more about their products for filling our skin with love and protection, and for store locations!

I wore a vintage Breton shirt, Marion Godart necklace, Acne Studios jeans, Tosca Blu ankle boots and Max&Co coat and bag.



The Ladybug is Vintage-Modern-Vintage at Sephora’s Italian Beauty Book Event in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora BB Outfit 02

The other day I shared with you my lovely evening at the Sephora “Italian Beauty” book event in Milan, but I also wanted to share my outfit for the event.

I am mixing modern and vintage again and I decided to focus on this amazing vintage Lanvin skirt. I found it in Humana Vintage in Milan, for a ridiculous price during last January’s sales. And even if it didn’t fit at the time, I decided to buy it anyway. Good move as it fits perfectly now (the last post shared why)!  It is not easy to coordinate, but I think that it looks pretty with this Max & Co black blouse with white peter pan collar.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora BB Outfit 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora BB Outfit 05

I added two of my favorite buys of the year, one modern and one vintage. The modern is referenced in these de-structured ankle boots from ASH: I was looking for a pair of ankle boots, but I wanted something a bit different than the average. It took a while to find these peep-toes that were gazing at me in their shop in Rome. They are amazing and uber comfortable (I wear them all day in the office for example!) and I love their shape so much, especially the heels!

The vintage piece is this pair of wonderful cat-eye frames with strass and studs from Trisha Lovers that I bought at the Vintage Roots Festival in Inzago last June.

Red lipstick KIKO cosmetics, red nails OPI.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora BB Outfit 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Sephora BB Outfit 04

The Ladybug Goes All the Way Back to Her Fashion Roots in Sicily: Visiting the Sicilian Fashion Expo

The Ladybug Chronicles-0204

My love and passion for vintage fashion never rests, not even when I am trying to rest my body and mind, aka winter break in Sicily!

A few days after my arrival in Sicily, I was reading the newspaper and my eye got caught by a very small article in the events out of town area. It was announcing a brief expo during Christmas holidays called “La moda Siciliana dal 1860 al 1950” (Sicilian Fashion from 1860 to 1950), reuniting the best vintage pieces from the Museum of Sicilian Costume and Fashion of Mirto, in the village of Sant’Agata di Militello.

The Ladybug Chronicles-0256

The Ladybug Chronicles-0244

The Ladybug Chronicles-0259

The Ladybug Chronicles-0216

It was a good idea and an occasion to spend a day out with family and friends, visiting a village that we’ve never seen before and to take some pics at the expo. Of course we decided wait until KNAGUI came to see us in Sicily.

The Ladybug Chronicles-0286

The Ladybug Chronicles-0282

It was a beautiful day at beginning of January when we headed to Sant’Agata di Militello to visit the lovely town square, Cathedral and the Medieval Castle where the expo was held (with included amazing view on the sea!). I was really amazed by the oldest pieces exposed, mainly for two reasons: first of all the amazing condition of those great pieces- mostly donated or lent by local collectors. Secondly, I was shocked by the tininess of the dresses, especially those form the end of the XIX century, which tells us a lot about the body evolution in the last two centuries.  The maniacal attention to details was the leitmotif of all the pieces and as they were shown in a castle, the visitor could have the feeling of being in a scene of Tomasi di Lampedusa’s “The Leopard,” a beautiful novel (and then a movie) chronicling of life and society in Sicily during the Risorgimento.

The Ladybug Chronicles-0262

The Ladybug Chronicles-0266

The Ladybug Chronicles-0278

The Ladybug Chronicles-0270

For the day I wore a Max&Co gray and black striped wool jumper and American Apparel gray pocket skirt. I added the Isabel Marant for H&M canvas bag – that KNAGUI saved for me from his incursion in the shop during the launch of the collection – and a pair of my own ’90s sandals from Parentesi that strangely still fit my small feet!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0199

The Ladybug Chronicles-0194

The Ladybug is Gatsby in the Rain: The Ever Illusive Spring of 2013


Maybe it was the rain or the influence that The Great Gatsby had on me, but today, as Spring seems late to blossom, I decided to go to a ’30s/’40s inspired outfit mixing new and vintage pieces.



I started with this lovely blue cape coat from Max&Co that I bought on sale this winter, but it’s perfect for this middle season weather. I paired it with a silk dress from Topshop that I bought in their London boutique on Oxford Street some years ago.



The retro inspired hat is a lovely handmade creation from Pippi the Milliner and it adds the real “Gatsbian” style to the outfit! I am also wearing grey suede Dolce & Gabbana pumps and an original ’40s clutch of the same color.



[Photo credit: KNAGUI]

The Ladybug’s Outfit for East Village Shopping

And this is my outfit for my East Village Vintage Shopping Day!

I’m wearing a Topshop faux-leather jacket, an American Apparel polka-dot long skirt with a vintage skinny belt and a simple white t-shirt.

I added a Twenty8Twelve scarf because it was a little windy, a Max & Co. comfortable biker boots for the long walks through the city, and one of my favorite handbags from Zara.

I’m also wearing two gold bracelets from Madewell and a studded handmade bracelet from Unica.

And I’m having a deliciously vintage American Mister Softee ice-cream! “I cream man!!!”