The Ladybug on Spring, girlfriends and Herb Ritts

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (5)

Imagine the first Spring weekend (well, the one just before!), your girlfriends being in town for the Stramilano (Milanese run) the next day and many girlish things to do during the weekend. What is on the menu? Food, running, shopping, pictures, art and much more!

It was hard to put everything in a weekend program but we managed and we are very happy about it, even if on Monday we felt like we needed the whole week to recover from the last two days! But let’s be honest, the time spent with your friends is the best time ever whatever you decide to do but when you do all the things you love and they love, well it is priceless!

This is just the photo-story of a Saturday in Milan, from a healthy regenerating lunch at God Save the Food to the Herb Ritts exhibit at Palazzo della Ragione, from shopping in the city center (including our favorite Bivio shops) to a vintage glass of wine at the Sine Modus shop in Porta Venezia, ending with a delicious Russian dinner at La Veranda, my favorite Russian-Ukrainian place in town.

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (1)

Let me just add a few words on Herb Ritts exhibit “In equilibrio” at Palazzo della Ragione until the 5th of June: there is not much to add about this incredible photographer but believe me, the exhibit is absolutely worth a visit for the collection exposed of fashion and celebrities photographs (including one of my favorite Prince photograph and my adored Bill T. Jones series) but also to admire his incredible art of making powerful portraits.

This is basically how we prepared for the 10K run of the next day…not really healthy preparation I know but incredibly fun!

I wore Diffusione Tessile navy maxi coat, Penneys striped shirt, Met jeans, Traffic People headband, Valentino glasses, Miu Miu bag, Nike 4 Other Stories white sneakers and Nars red lips courtesy of Simona!).

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The Ladybug goes green for the last days of winter!

Green 1

It’s April and, even if a little late, spring has come to Milan too!

So…here is my last outfit post for this winter! I planned this post some time ago, because I bought on sale this beautiful Max & Co emerald green coat with Mongolian fur and I realized how difficult it was to create outfits with it.



I decided then to play a bit with it, dressed up and dressed down, and I understood that there are not impossible things to wear as long as you feel comfortable in them! My feeling is that the coat and I just needed some time to feel confident with each other!

I am sharing here two different outfits with the same coat: in the first one I decided to play it ladylike by matching it with a black Zara dress and Topshop sandals. I added a vintage touch with my patent clutch from Dappa Boutique, one of my favorite vintage shops in London.




In the second one I tried the green coat with denim for a dressed down look: I am wearing Met dark jeans, Benetton brown riding boots, H&M fedora hat and again a vintage bag from the 70’s that I purchased from Cavalli & Nastri here in Milan.



Which one do you prefer?

(Photo Credit: KNAGUI)

The Ladybug May Not Be L.L. Cool J, But She Still Rocks Da Bells…


As I wrote in my recent post about Sicily, every time I go back home I feel a bit like a tourist and love hanging around to reveal old memories or just discover something new.

On one of those days, I decided to take KNAGUI to one of the prides of my hometown, Messina: the old bell tower of the Cathedral. It’s one of the most ancient in Europe and it seems that its beautiful functioning is one of the most complex in history.



After watching (and filming!) it at high noon, we decided to take some pictures in the beautiful warm Sicilian weather. I’m wearing a vintage coat from the Salvation Army in NYC, a Saint James striped marine top and Met jeans.TLC_6225

I know I should change shoes, but I’m too in love with these Rag & Bone booties! I’m also wearing a vintage ’70s bag from Cavalli & Nastri and my new Kiko red lipstick!

[Photo Credit: KNAGUI]


Today we DARE: the Ladybug and the double Leopard!


Animal print is my thing. I LOVE it! It is the kind of thing that never gets out of style; evergreen and everlasting….a classic!

But every fashion expert will tell you to use it in small doses, as it may easily become “too much” and ruin the whole outfit’s effect. In general I agree with this opinion but today….I feet that I want to dare with a double leopard print!



I decided to wear two different animal colors though, which I think may avoid the “too many animals on you” effect!

I’m wearing my retro 70’s inspired Topshop lepard coat, with my new grey Mango leopard sweater. I got this a few weeks ago because I loved the yellow spots on the grey wool…a bit of psychedelic on a classical pattern!


I decided to stay “cool” and “soft” on the rest of the outfit: my Zara black quilted bag, a new classical of my wardrobe, as much as my new Rag & Bone Newbury boots (do you believe that I’m wearing them quite all the time??!! Yes, I know you do!), and my “stone washed” Met jeans.

(Photo Credit: KNAGUI)



Looks Like You’re Gonna Have Good Luck… There’s a Ladybug in Milan!

One of the beauties of becoming a blogger is that my posts give light to my pictures. I am the kind of girl who takes pictures all the time, I’ve always been that way, even before Facebook gave us the excuse to all become models and photographers!

So it’s no surprise that my external hard-drive is mostly full of pictures! Every now and then, I decide to put some order to it and create or append my catalogs, just to make sure everything remains easy to find. When I do that, I always find pictures that I want to share here and this, sometimes, is the origin of a blog post!

It is happening quite often lately, and a few days ago I found some other pictures that I liked.

Many of you know or understood this past summer I finally moved to Milan: I say finally because it is something that I really wanted since I was beginning to outgrow the Southern village. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a “Southern Gul” (to use Erykah Badu’s words!), but I’s a small town girl with big city dreams. […and now I can’t get Rahsaan Patterson’s “Sure Boy” out of my head … or Erykah’s “Southern Gul,” for that matter]

I’ve always loved Milan: it has everything (and I’m not speaking only about fashion)!  It’s big but- not messy; loads of things to do: concerts, cinemas, vintage shops and fairs; it’s the in center of Europe and every other place in the world is easily accessible.  It’s Italy’s London, Paris, Tokyo or New York!  I’ve always said that if I had to live in Italy, it would be in Milan.

It took some time, but finally- here I am. And very happy to be here.

KNAGUI took these pictures when we met here in May to go house-hunting because I had to move at the end of June. Nothing special about my outfit (very comfy and sporty to walk around in many different areas of the town!), but I like the “this is in Milan” factor of the pics: the typical bikes to rent, the tram, the architecture. I just liked it.

Of course, there was also some vintage shopping to do between a flat on the Navigli and one in Porta Romana! I wasn’t here for vintage shopping, but when a shop so kindly opens its door and invites me in… I can’t refuse to have a look inside, right?

On that same day I found a little shop near the San Lorenzo columns which is actually one of the most ancient vintage shops in Milan, called Backstage Vintage. If you see it from the outside it looks like a cozy messy little shop and in all actuality- it is! It’s very small and full of little gems from bow-ties to ’50s skirts to ’40s hats and ’70s floral dresses. If you’re in a rush or crunched for time, it’s hard to have a proper look as it’s a bit messy, but if you love spending time in search of some rarities- this is a great place for you! I found a rainbow ’80s skirt, a red floral dress and a red bow-tie (all pictured in my latest outfits here, here and here).

The next day, while walking on the Alzaia Naviglio Pavese (not far from my B&B), I found a great vintage shop called Sous Vintage Shop where I bought 3 amazing vintage dresses (one of them is in my post from last Friday). I had such a blast there that I even decided to make a video in the shop and a lovely interview with the owners… stay tuned to know more!

(Jeans: Met, Sneakers: Adidas, Handbag: Phard, Sunglasses: D&G, Skull bracelet: Patricia Field)

[Photo credit: KNAGUI]

The Ladybug @ Antiquaria (October 2011)

As I imagined, after visiting Antiquaria in Sorrento last month, I came back for the October Antiques Fair!

Here’s my vintage finds of the day (love the glasses brooches and the Ferragamo shoe-brooch!)

…and my outfit for the event! Lol

Silk shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Met, Cardi: Asos, Handbag: Kooba, Frames: Dior vintage, Shoes: Topshop, Necklace: Chanel vintage