The Ladybug in black and white (with a little bit of pink!)


I am a huge fan of black and white when it comes to photography, much less when it comes to fashion. I just find it boring!

This is the reason why when I dress in black and white I always try to invent something, like wearing a statement piece or more like I did for this outfit that I wore for work a couple of weeks ago (before it started freezing!).

I remember that I woke up that morning with an uncontrollable desire of wearing my retro jumpsuit from Bloody Edith: I have always loved the 40’s style shape of this piece! I hesitated between a striped tee and a shirt but as I wore it at work I preferred a dotted black and white silk shirt from & Other Stories!




As I needed more color I added my pink flamingoes brooch from Erstwilder that I found in Dublin during my last trip!

Bag is Miu Miu, shoes are vintage t-bars from NYC.

I was pretty happy about the final result: a retro inspired outfit that you can easily wear at work and/or for a drink or a movie date, what do you think? Do you like it?



The Ladybug’s personal Stramilano “after party”!

The Ladybug Chronicles Navigli (1)

As I mentioned in my last post, once the physical effort of running 10K at the Stramilano run was over, with the girls we thought that we deserved a serious “after-party”!

After stretching, partying with the other runners and showering we were ready to head to the Navigli to have a serious drink and food session in one of our favorite spots in town: the Brazilian-Sushi restaurant Temakinho! They have irresistible sushi made with Brazilian ingredients and everything on the menu is a mixture of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine that we adore! Also, they have the best caipirinha and amazing fruit smoothies…but it wasn’t a day for smoothies…we needed to celebrate!

The Ladybug Chronicles Navigli (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Navigli (4)

We spent our Sunday afternoon on the Navigli just enjoying the sun and the cocktails, walking around and taking some pictures for my outfit post hehe!

I wore a retro printed pink shirt from Diffusione Tessile, Max&Co navy cape-coat and Imperial navy trousers. I added  New Balance sneakers, Valentino shades, Miu Miu bag and a retro touch with my palm brooch (a tribute to the upcoming warm season!) by Marion Godart.

The Ladybug Chronicles Navigli (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Navigli (5)

The Ladybug on Spring, girlfriends and Herb Ritts

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (5)

Imagine the first Spring weekend (well, the one just before!), your girlfriends being in town for the Stramilano (Milanese run) the next day and many girlish things to do during the weekend. What is on the menu? Food, running, shopping, pictures, art and much more!

It was hard to put everything in a weekend program but we managed and we are very happy about it, even if on Monday we felt like we needed the whole week to recover from the last two days! But let’s be honest, the time spent with your friends is the best time ever whatever you decide to do but when you do all the things you love and they love, well it is priceless!

This is just the photo-story of a Saturday in Milan, from a healthy regenerating lunch at God Save the Food to the Herb Ritts exhibit at Palazzo della Ragione, from shopping in the city center (including our favorite Bivio shops) to a vintage glass of wine at the Sine Modus shop in Porta Venezia, ending with a delicious Russian dinner at La Veranda, my favorite Russian-Ukrainian place in town.

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (1)

Let me just add a few words on Herb Ritts exhibit “In equilibrio” at Palazzo della Ragione until the 5th of June: there is not much to add about this incredible photographer but believe me, the exhibit is absolutely worth a visit for the collection exposed of fashion and celebrities photographs (including one of my favorite Prince photograph and my adored Bill T. Jones series) but also to admire his incredible art of making powerful portraits.

This is basically how we prepared for the 10K run of the next day…not really healthy preparation I know but incredibly fun!

I wore Diffusione Tessile navy maxi coat, Penneys striped shirt, Met jeans, Traffic People headband, Valentino glasses, Miu Miu bag, Nike 4 Other Stories white sneakers and Nars red lips courtesy of Simona!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (3)

The Ladybug’s “friendly” weekend in Rome

The Ladybug Chronicles Rome (5)

My weekend in Venice was not the only one out of town in March: I also spent a great weekend in Rome to visit my adorable friend Simona and with her my new bunch of friends in town.

The great thing about it is that each of them has their own special feature: for example one is a great runner, which makes sport an important part of the weekend, one is specialized in great restaurants and music selection in the car (yeah, you know who you are!) ensuring at least a great dinner and lot of singing especially on the way back home, one knows (and makes) the best cocktails so that drinking is covered as well and Simona is the perfect pair for running, drinking, eating with special bonus for shopping and art.

Art was indeed the first excuse for this trip: the exhibit on Henry Toulouse-Lautrec was at the Ara Pacis museum (it is still there until the 8th of May) and we planned a lovely visit on Sunday morning. It was my first Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit and I was totally amazed by his art including posters, illustration and photographs. What I liked most about the exhibit was the way it managed to re-create the world in which the artist worked: the Paris of the Belle Epoque, the bohemian city of the late XIX century.  After the visit we walked to Piazza di Spagna, had a healthy stop for lunch at Ginger in via Borgognona and enjoyed some window shopping in this amazing city.

The Ladybug Chronicles Rome (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Rome (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles Rome (4)

I never get tired of walking in Rome: on Saturday (after a morning run with the girls and a classic dance class in the afternoon!) we headed to Campo de’ Fiori for a drink. It was a special occasion in Rome that day: the rugby match between Italy and Scotland turned the whole city into a great party venue. Handsome Scottish men in kilt were hanging around playing the bagpipes (it happened also in the restaurant where we ate later and it was AMAZING!), drinking beer and making it even easier than usual to chat and have fun with strangers in the streets! It was the funniest thing ever!

By the way, if you want to try a good restaurant in Rome we went to Casa Bleve, in the courtyard of wonderful XVIth century building in via del Teatro Valle where you can also visit the Roman ruins of an ancient wall, have a great quality dinner and be sure to find the perfect wine that goes with it.

(For the visit to Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit I wore Stefanel camel coat, Acne Studios jeans, Prada sweater, Lazzari brogues, Miu Miu bag and Momonì scarf).

The Ladybug Chronicles Rome (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Rome (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Rome (1)

The Ladybug, her BFFs, a motorbike, Spanish tapas and a 9am-9pm outfit

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (5)

Every outfit has a story and this is the story of a special night out spent with my friends/colleagues a few weeks ago to celebrate the upcoming holidays and some random August birthdays (yes, mine too!).

We decided to spend it in one of our favorite venues, the Spanish tapas bar Ajoblanco in the Isola area of Milan, so I needed a perfect outfit both for a day at work and for the night aperitif, with a retro touch, of course!

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (3)

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (2)

I went for this lovely withe shirt with short sleeves from Cos and simple cigarette black trousers from & Other Stories, to which I added a pair of pointy heeled shoes from 8 (bought on Yoox, one of the best heeled shoes ever as they are high enough to make me look taller and comfortable enough to wear all day and even after!) and a retro touch with one of my favorite necklaces, a bakelite necklace from the French designer Marion Godart with houses and trees . Bag is Miu Miu.

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (6)

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (4)

Guest stars of the day are my friend Lily, a real biker with her incredible motorbike who accepted (both, Lily and the motorbike) to pose with me and my friend Simona rocking her new 80’s inspired blazer from La Maison Momoni. Now tell me, can I ask for more stylish BFFs?

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (1)

The Ladybug Chronciles motorbike Isola (7)


The Ladybug’s Great Accessories in Munich – October 2014

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 04I am in Munich while I’m writing this post which caused me to remember… I had some old pics from last autumn that I’ve never shared with you (classic).

Munich is a place that I’ve always loved; eventhough there were only a few days to enjoy some nice events with some of my lovely friends.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 02

So I thought, before telling you about my long visit- I’d better share my previous one first!

I had time to visit the city center, even if the period was brief, I had the opportunity to take some pictures at the beautiful Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz.  And while out, I couldn’t help trying on a typical Bavarian hat (yes, I also tasted the amazing Bavarian beer!).

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 05

We also had the chance to visit the BMW museum and have a tasty and classy dinner in the lovely BMW Velt Restaurant (where I wore my red vintage dress from New York, my new Sergio Rossi patent heels and my Miu Miu clutch both from the outlets that I mentioned here not long ago).

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 03

The big ethnic handmade earrings that you see in my other pics come from my auntie’s shop in Lampedusa!

But my best accessories are my beautiful friends… don’t you think?

The Ladybug Chronicles - Munich 01

The Ladybug in Outlet-land: Good Shopping Tips for Shoe Lovers!

I know that this post comes a bit late, but it’s never too late for some good tips on how to find beautiful designer accessories (especially shoes!) at very good price when you are on holiday on the Riviera Romagnola or maybe swinging at Summer Jumboree like I did last summer!

I announced this post last August (that’s why I am late), but the good outlets haven’t moved so you can easily find them if you go check them out.

When I was traveling to Summer Jamboree from Milan, I saw a billboard on the highway advertising the Sergio Rossi Factory Outlet in the area around Rimini: it was late, but I immediately went online to check when it was open. While surfing the web, I realized that the area between Emilia Romagna and Marche was full of great outlets, and it took a while to select those worth visiting while I was there.

Sergio Rossi, for me, is the best: the prices were almost good and it was easy to find- not only some killer heels, but also regular black & brown shoes to use everyday for the office. It was a bit hard to find my size, but I managed to buy these lovely patent heels that are super comfortable and great quality for a very good price.

If you are a fan of Giuseppe Zanotti and Pollini these two outlets are also worth a visit: Zanotti is maybe more a risqué style and also a bit more expensive, but if you prefer a classical style you can find Pollini (and Moschino) a few kilometers away! I was tempted by some over the knee stiletto heels at Zanotti, but I went for patent cream platform heels at Pollini (I know I was patent obsessed during these days!).

If you go South in Marche you can find more interesting outlets like Prada-Miu Miu and Tods-Hogan. I am not a fan of the latter (too classical for me!), but Prada and Miu Miu are quite interesting- especially for accessories. I gave myself the gift of a black Miu Miu clutch for my birthday… And I was dying for more bags, shoes and sunglasses, but my limited budget stopped me!!

If you check online you will easily find all the addresses with the days/time that they are open. But believe me, if you are in the area, and the weather is not excellent (not that you really need an excuse… though it was mine), and you like designer pieces, and you cannot afford exaggerated prices… this area is like a paradise for fashion lovers!


The Ladybug Gets Lost in The Beauty of Gray at Tina Modotti’s Expo in Turin


This year I’ve had a lot of chances to check out expos: I saw wonderful things and even last week mentioned the Frida Kahlo expos I visited. But I can’t think of Frida without linking her art, work and life to Tina Modotti. In Rome, some of the pictures shown of Frida were taken by Tina, and they were incredible.

I read a lot about Tina Modotti (Elena Poniatowska’s Tinissima is an amazing biography that you may really want to add to your library!) and I was amazed by her life and her friendship with Frida. This is why I couldn’t help heading to Palazzo Madama in Turin to see what she had to offer since I’d never seen any of her work in person, beyond Frida’s photographs.


Modotti 048

Also Turin is always worth a visit: I deeply love the city and getting lost in its streets and art.  So; as it was a Saturday, I took the opportunity to visit the famous Balon, the historical antiques and vintage market of the city and I enjoyed a little vintage shopping before tasting the famous typical dish of the town (the bagnacauda) not far from the market (delicious!).

The expo wasn’t deceiving at all: a lot of her photographs from different stages of her life and work and many different subjects was exposed- all in black and white, and I was particularly excited about those pictures where she was the subject (ok, her selfies!), especially her nudes.

I also loved most of the photos in which she perfectly manage to represent the poverty and the affliction of her people. They had a strong impact… maybe because they are cruel without showing cruelty (this is why I also love Salgado’s photography).

I wore a lovely vintage sequined top that I bought at Gvant in Ljubljana some time ago plus a Miu Miu clutch and frames.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Tina Modotti Expo


The Ladybug Hangs In Florence pt. 1

My few days in Florence were really intense: long walks, sightseeing, a bit of shopping and of course much vintage hunting!
I’m sharing here one of my outfits, actually my New Year’s Day outfit. Everything was closed and I was very hungry so I found a Chinese take-out near my B&B (btw, Sandra Bed & Breakfast in Florence is so cute and warm: she and her husband Paolo are adorable!) and ate in a park not too far away!
Then I reached the Duomo where I met my best friend from college for a tea, a typical Tuscan dinner near Piazza della Signoria and a nice walk on the Ponte Vecchio.
Soul Sunday contributor, KNAGUI, returned the styling favor and put me in a Siste’s for Topshop skull sequined cardigan, a houndstooth Zara skirt- I added a vintage handbag (bought in Florence in March), handmade earrings from Unica and my cherished Jeffrey Campbell Lita ankle boots in black and kept myself warm in this Topshop faux fur cape. Btw, I found out that my Lita’s are uber comfortable for long walks… as if I didn’t adore them enough already!

(Photo Credit: KNAGUI)

Some pictures of the magnificent Duomo

And some from my favourite shop…MIU MIU!