The Ladybug has Her Head in the Clouds: Introducing Balossa at White in Milan

The Ladybug Chronicles - Balossa 08

Fashion week recently concluded; a low point for me since I was super busy, making it hard to attend all the events and shows. But I took advantage of last weekend to head over to some presentations I was invited to check out.

First of my Saturday morning Fashion Week-end was the White Show in Milan to meet the emerging brand Balossa.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Balossa 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Balossa 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Balossa 06

Before meeting the beautiful and talented Indra Kaffemanaite, the designer and owner of the brand, I did some research online to get to know her better, and when I landed on their site ( I completely lost my mind. Fell in love. Badly. Totally. Completely. Desperately.

She is a shirt designer. Shirts… Yes, only shirts and mostly white. But calling her creations just shirts is seriously understatement: they are artistic creations, they have an architecture that sometimes look like origami or paper sculptures… other times white birds or dancing ballet dancers. These shirts have movement and dimensions. They are dynamic, fluctuant… aerial.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Balossa 04

The Ladybug Chronicles - Balossa 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Balossa 03

When I saw them in person I fell in love even more, if that was possible! You know my love for white shirts mostly because they are the easiest way (yet super chic) to pair with vintage pieces in daily wear (at work essentially, like I do). But I’ve always seen them as a vehicle, if I can say like that, to introduce vintage without shocking too much (I call it “I’m being myself, but I am a team player” attitude!). Balossa’s FW2015 collection just opened my view on white shirts because the attention was all on the shirts! Not a vehicle, but a real statement: I wear a unstructured shirt therefore I am! There is no space for other pieces when you wear a Balossa shirt!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Balossa 02


This is what happened with Indra Kaffemanaite, the soul and incredibly talented designer behind this brand of these amazing shirts: this is her first collection and she told me that after working with a Japanese designer, she completely changed her mind about the white shirt and started imagining and designing these wonderful pieces of art that you can find and buy on their site. She told me that for her the white shirt continues to be the most surprising piece ever: it is practical, easy to wear, sexy and cool- but she gave an honest new life to our favorite piece!  Vintage in a completely new and modern version!

Green light to a new style made of volume, games and artistic details… modern lines, asymmetries, draperies, cut-outs, plunging necklines on the back, softness and sculptural, Balossa shirts that can be formal or sporty, but always incredibly sexy with great personality.

How could I resist? Of course, I’ve already chosen my first Balossa, can you guess?





The Ladybug vintage makeover by Alessia Bee at Sofia Vintage in Como

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 11

I guess you understood how in love I am with Roberta Ciceri’s vintage shop in Como, Sofia Vintage.

I adore spending time in this beautiful shop and I couldn’t miss another occasion to head in and see what was new but even more to get a personalized vintage makeover with one of my favorite personal stylist and make-up artist, Alessia Bee.

A few weeks ago indeed Roberta organized a great event in her shop by inviting Alessia Bee who was there to create a vintage style with hair and make-up for all the lovely customers and some (lucky) bloggers! Even Roberta hosted the event with her hair style with lovely victory rolls!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 04

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 02

Let me tell you that I’ve been looking for a vintage makeover from Alessia Bee since I first knew about her: I never met her before the event but I was amazed by her personal style and her great work that I saw in pictures in many different vintage events. And I was surprised that, although I was expecting a lot from the event, not only I wasn’t disappointed but I was uber happy about the final result! I really loved what she did on my hair and with my make-up and I came back home with a bunch of great tips that I now use for my daily make-up. Indeed I finally found my perfect shade for my eyes (I started again using eye-shadow every day since then!), I learned some great tips to use eyeliner and I was totally amazed by the use of a natural pencil for the lower line of the eye instead of a dark one to create a bigger eye vibe; moreover I learned how to style my hair very easily for a simple yet impressive vintage look when I have not much time to get a complicated hairstyling and which product I could use to give more volume to my curly hair! Still I looked very natural and I adopted her “Less is more” motto to create my new daily routine styling!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 06

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 08

You can find some pictures of Alessia Bee styling me and the final results where I added a beautiful vintage coat from Sofia Vintage over my vintage shirt and skirt (I will tell you more about my outfit soon!).

Of course it wasn’t all about vintage styling: as every time that I am at Sofia Vintage it looked more like being at Roberta’s place with great cakes homemade by Roberta’s mum, healthy drinking and many friends!

I guess I will definitely go back soon for some Christmas threats!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 09

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 14

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 12

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 10

The Ladybug Chronicles - Alessia Bee Styled Me 13