The Ladybug’s good excuse for a weekend in Florence: Marina Abramovic exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi

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When I first heard of Marina Abramovich exhibit “The Cleaner” in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi I was over excited because, even if I knew that she wouldn’t be there, I was very curious to see what it was about. The good thing is that my friends were super excited too so we quickly decided to organize a nice weekend all together in Florence to see the exhibit, going around, shopping and eating ribollita and all the good things from the Tuscan cuisine!

The weekend was amazing and so was the exhibit. I read that Marina Abramovic herself took care of the exhibit with videos, photographs and live performance from her disciples during the day. It was one of the most emotional and with greatest impact that I have ever visited. Many of her more or less famous performances are shown in photos or videos, a journey across her work, art and life in the last few decades.

If you want to know more about The Cleaner you can find more info on the site of the Palazzo Strozzi as the exhibit ended on the 20th of January.

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But Marina Abramovic was not the only excuse for me to spend a weekend in Florence. One of the things that I absolutely needed to do in Florence was eating at the Libreria Brac, a lovely bookshop with the most exquisite vegetarian cuisine. Many friends told me about this lovely place so I needed to go and to “taste” it: it was absolutely over my expectations and if you are in Florence make sure you stop there for lunch or dinner but book your table first. Another place that we loved for dinner was La Cantinetta just near the Cathedral while for an easy aperitivo before dinner and a view on the Ponte Vecchio just nearby you can go at Volume for a good Tuscan red wine and bruschetta!

Last but not least, Florence was the occasion to hug my beautiful friend Sabrina that I haven’t met for the last six years. If you are in Florence don’t forget to say “Hi!” to her in her adorable vintage shop in via dei Pilastri 32, Lady Jane B Vintage: she is the most amazing woman that you will meet in Florence and her shop is exactly like she is!

Vintage blue coat from a charity sample sale in Milan; Vintage bag Lullaby Barcelona; Vintage headscarf Humana Vintage; Vintage peacock brooch on Ebay; Shoes Ouigal; Mustard sweater Marella; Handmade brass earrings Metalica Creazioni.

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