The Ladybug’s vintage hunting in Prague

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Shopping in Prague (7)

Look at this art nouveau building in Prague: this is just one of the many examples of art nouveau and liberty style in town. When you arrive there for the first time and your eyes are already full of vintage architecture, you already know that you will love this town and that you will find a lot of vintage around!

Indeed I was totally amazed by the vintage side of Prague: wonderful art deco buildings and doors, beautiful museums, a vibrant nightlife and tons of hidden gems almost everywhere, even outside the typical touristic views. This is indeed one of the good things of vintage hunting abroad: many times the most interesting shops that you found online are not in the city center, then you have the chance to visit new areas of the town that you wouldn’t have visited.

As I didn’t know any vintage shopping address in Prague I made a quick search online and picked a few addresses to visit on Friday or Saturday (on Sundays most of the shops are closed). I had to take a lot of trams and trains to join the destinations but it was worth the effort!

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Shopping in Prague (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Shopping in Prague (5)

My favorite shop in town was Bohemian Retro in the Zizkov area (one of the most interesting areas, a bit complicated to reach but absolutely stunning!). I found there a lovely British lady, Becky, who has been living in Prague for more than 20 years! When I asked about her shop (that I really adored, typical English style vintage shop!) she told me that she wanted to create the kind of shop where herself would love to buy and go back again. I think that she definitely succeeded as her tiny shop, full of gems of clothing and accessories is really a not-to-miss in Prague. I really had the feeling of being in Brick Lane in London!

My second favorite shop in town was Boho Vintage, completely different style, more like a concept store with beautiful vintage pieces (especially dresses and bags) and some new interesting handmade pieces. Beautiful location and vintage homeware completed the atmosphere. I knew that they opened a second shop with a café but I couldn’t manage to visit it. The shop is very elegant and classy even if the pieces are totally affordable and good quality.

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Shopping in Prague (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Vintage Shopping in Prague (3)

Nearer to the city center (not too far from Wenceslas Square) is another tiny little shop, Fifty-Fifty.  There is more stuff than place for walking (if there are more than two people it can be a bit complicated) but it is full of affordable vintage pieces, one of those places where you will definitely find something to buy!

Just one little advice: if you walk in the city you will see a lot of second hand stores; second hand is very popular in Prague but not as interesting as it may be in London. You won’t find anything vintage and after trying a few I just stopped, so if you are tempted by a huge Second Hand sign, don’t waste your time!

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The Ladybug is a Vintage Tourist in Poland: Moja Warsaw Dzień 2

The Ladybug Chronicles-4296

My second day in Warsaw was abit more touristic: I visited the city center and the most important monuments and museums… I didn’t get lost in the vintage shops!

I also visited a part of the town called Praha, not very famous because it is the old popular area (it’s still quite popular though), but I really enjoyed a completely different part of town, far away from the sky scrapers of the city center. I found some thrift and second hand consignment stores in area, but it was too late for me to stop!

The Ladybug Chronicles-4326

The Ladybug Chronicles-4294

I was practically rolling all day as I ate like a little piggy. This is the reason why I decided to rent a bike for a little something more to get my heart-rate up around town (I was feeling super guilty!!)

The Ladybug Chronicles-4277

The Ladybug Chronicles-4280

I am still wearing my retro houndstooth Max & Co coat, Les Lolitas green Chelsea boots, Stondo orange hat and Max & Co black bag (my trip’s essentials!).  But today I added a fairisle Norwegian style grey wool jumper from Benetton with a pair of black Zara leggings.

The Ladybug Chronicles-4298

The Ladybug Chronicles-4315

There was also a little sun, so I could use my adored French vintage frames from my favorite seller Laura from Oggetti Smarriti (we met in Padua when I bought these beauties). I’m also wearing a little present from my friend: a lovely bracelet that she got for me in the streets of Warsaw that same day!

Such a lovely place… I need to be back again soon!

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