The Ladybug’s Milan Fashion Week, pt 1: Luisa Tratzi Fashion Show

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi 12

This is something that I will probably never forget… the first show of my first Fashion Week. Those who follow my blog may already know that I’m not a big fan of the glittering luxurious world of the World’s Fashion Weeks, but hey, let’s be honest, this is every girl’s dream and I must confess that it was mine too! I am not ashamed to tell you that it was the first time I’d received some invitations to attend fashion shows in Milan during the Milan Fashion Week… I am just sorry that, because of work, I couldn’t attend all of them; still I’m very happy to have a special memory of my first catwalk because I really loved it.

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The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi 10

Another reason why I loved my first show was because of the show itself: Luisa Tratzi’s “Blossom Street” SS15 shoe show. If you don’t know about the brand, let me tell you that she’s considered to be the new emerging brand of Italian handmade luxury shoe designers. Last year she was selected by the Camera della Moda as one of the most talented emerging Italian brands and it was her first appearance of Milan’s Fashion Week. The event was not just about fashion: it mixed fashion with food with a special post catwalk brunch prepared by the famous chef Marco Rossi and beverages chosen by Elisa Campa, the sommelier from La Mugnaia in Ivrea.  Also, the location deserves a special mention: it happened at the Palazzo Grifoni, the Milanese store of Mauro Grifoni, an elegant historical venue were the designer’s pieces were sold with the artsy shoes pieces of Luisa Tratzi.

Luisa Tratzi Collage 2

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi 13


But let’s talk about the shoes and the Blossom Street Collection: the blossoming flowers of the collection are the wonderful handmade pieces of art of Luisa Tratzi, not just shoes but elegant and sensual pieces that reminded me of beautiful flowers because of their intricate details. I would call them sculptures, created by soft leather and other refined materials which were not just worn but beautiful models dressed in white and flowers collars, but brought to the public on mirror plates to create a game of lights- giving proper importance to the art of the shoes. The color tones went from lilac to light blue and every possible declination of pastels mixed with metallic details.

Luisa Tratzi Collage 4

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi 03

And, let me say, a beautiful way of mixing modernity (with sculpted and geometric forms) with vintage was the attention to the details that called on the eloquence of the past (the use of coil heels or of multiple straps).

Obviously, you can find some of my shots and favorite pieces in this blog post. But you can visit Luisa Tratzi’s site for more photos and information.

I attended the show wearing an “almost vintage” Max & Co ethnic skirt and Zara white shirt. I paired them with Ash peep-toe ankle boots, Miu Miu clutch and a vintage pair of cat-eye frames from Punti di Vista.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi 01



The Ladybug’s #FBF of the Final Days of Summer: Farewell My Summer Loves

The Ladybug Chronicles - Cantina di lÕOrriu 05

It seems that it was months and months ago when I took these pictures, but no… it was just a few weeks ago, still tanned and happy under a sunny and warm Milanese sky!

On this day I decided to bring one of my best memories from this past summer, my new canvas bag from one of my favorite restaurants in Corsica, A Cantina di l’Orriu in Porto Vecchio. To me, this bag means: summer, holidays, beautiful beaches and amazing sea and of course- great food!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Cantina di lÕOrriu 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Cantina di lÕOrriu 06

The Ladybug Chronicles - Cantina di lÕOrriu 04

It was too early to put all of these things away in my wardrobe, so I decided to give it the opportunity to go around in city center Milan.

I wore it with other summer memories: my Summer Jamboree t-shirt and one of my new statement necklaces from a little craft market in Singapore. I added a Max & Co, almost vintage, ethnic skirt and a pair of Bagatt flats from two seasons ago.

Vintage touch: my vintage frames from Punti di Vista, my last buy at Voglia di Vintage in Mantova (more about my day in Mantova soon!)

[photo credit: KNAGUI]

The Ladybug Chronicles - Cantina di lÕOrriu 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Cantina di lÕOrriu 02

The Ladybug Chronicles - Cantina di lÕOrriu 03

The Ladybug On How To Fall In Love In 5 Days: Corsica Day #5


My last day in Corsica was for sure my favorite, or should I say the one I enjoyed the most.

We were in Calvi in the morning were we visited the old fort, enjoying the view and village life: we had a perfect French breakfast and we bought some tasty things to take to the beach a bit later… the most fabulous thing is that we found an amazing beach, with no name, almost isolated were we had the best time snorkeling!



Same thing in the afternoon in another almost unknown beach were we enjoyed the real rough of Corsica!

For the day, I stayed comfy with a pair of vintage denim shorts and a Zara funny tee.


I added one of my favorite head bands that I bought from Be Bop a Hairband: she sells lovely ’50s inspired head bands that fit perfectly and that, for once, I wanted to use in a non-’50s inspired look with my natural curly hair! You can visit Be Bop a Hairband’s FB page for more colors and patterns and to buy!

The other vintage piece is, of course, my “Corsica vintage sunnies,” a pair of ’80s does ’50s sunglasses from Punti di Vista (one of my best memories from the Summer Jamboree in Senigallia!).



The Ladybug Accepts the Call of Summer Jamboree 2013: Senigallia By Night


For those of you who never heard about the Summer Jamboree, it is definitely the most important, famous and amazing Italian Festival of the American culture and music of the 1940s and ’50s. It started 13 years ago and year by year it attracts people from all over the world, all ages and cultures in a beautiful festive atmosphere which I enjoyed during that weekend.  Ten days of music, costumes, clothes, accessories from the ’50s… you almost have the feeling of living during that era.



I was surprised by the massive amount of people walking around the streets of Senigallia on Saturday night, moving from a stage to another places in some of the central squares of the village to listen to the best Italian and International Americana artists, or dancing rock ‘n’ roll or just shopping vintage and retro clothing in the many stalls all along the lovely streets of the town. From neophytes to aficionados, everybody tried to honor the Festival by wearing something ’40s/’50s, rockabilly style! I was completely amazed by the crazy quantity of events, concerts, parties: Hawaiian inspired parties, Burlesque classes, vintage car expo and even a Johnny Cash expo!



During the day, the beaches are full of adorable pin-ups in their ’50s bathing suits- enjoying the Adriatic sea and the town is a desert (only me visiting around apparently!), but when the night falls everything changes and that’s when the party begins! It is impossible to describe the amount of people invading the streets of the city center, but the atmosphere is magical! I also managed to buy some little things (a beautiful Laura Ashley dress at “Fermata d’autobus”  a lovely seller from Livorno  and a pair of vintage “’80s does ’50s” sunglasses from Punti di Vista… you will see them both worn here soon!). And for sure it was great to say cheers to my friend Marco from Opherty & Ciocci who brought some of his amazing stuff as well.




I decided to KISS… “keep it simple & sexy,” yet inspired: I wore a simple one strap black body top by Topshop and a long black skirt from American Apparel; I added my new vintage Prada black sandals and then I went for a touch of red and a touch of retro! A vintage red clutch and a beautiful red orchid hair-clip that I picked up on Ebay! …Red lips (Armani… my new favorite lippy) and nails (Chanel Dragon) and a pair of amazing original glasses from the late ’40s found in Reggio Emilia from Tabatà Vintage.



The Ladybug Plays Christopher Columbus: “Discovering” Valeggio Veste il Vintage!


Another weekend, another vintage fair. … Aah, this is why I love May!!

After a lovely weekend in Reggio Emilia where my friends and I combined vintage shopping with a city tour, we decided to head to Valeggio for what was a beautiful vintage weekend!

We left Milan to reach the nice area of Garda Lake to have a nice walk along the river (and a copious typical lunch!) before going into the city center for the 9th edition of “Valeggio Veste il Vintage.”

Like every vintage lover in Italy I heard about this event many times, but it was the first time I actually managed to get there and I must say that it was more than I expected!



The whole city center is an open air vintage market, where the stalls, inside events and open air bars are coordinated to create a lovely atmosphere: the vintage clothing and accessories selection was very interesting (A.N.G.E.L.O., Oggetti Smarriti, Camden Town, Lamù Vintage, Superfly & Punti di Vista- just to name a few) along with an array of home-ware stallers with some very rare pieces, many from the 1980s.

The square was full of people. I really appreciate seeing this growing interest for vintage at each of these fairs. I only hope that the “vintage market” will keep itself safe from mass marketing! Being a kind of a niche is what makes us special, right?



I’d be remissed if I talked about the event without sharing a bit about the city of Valeggio. The atmosphere there was really friendly and bubbly… going from one stall to another while listening to good live music and sipping a drink made me feel more like I was at a party than a fair! It was really fun to exchange words with stallers and visitors in this very outgoing frame.



There was not only live music but also vintage hairdos and makeup from Ketty Vintage, vintage cars, a real Shoeshine, typical products tests and a beautiful expo around the art of hats (“Viaggio intorno al Cappello”). Being a lover of hats I really enjoyed this expo of different hats from different eras and styles; moreover, I was amazed by the collection of vintage hatboxes and original tools coming from closed hat factories. And to take it a step further, it was more than a hat expo: I’d call it a hat making art expo because the artistic work of the milliners was very well represented. Honestly; I prefer a well handmade hat to something mass produced, it is an accessory that adds something to your style and not just a way to cover your head from sun or cold.





The weather was… nice (except for little rain and some wind). I couldn’t resist a bit of vintage shopping in the sun:

I found this lovely tropical floral long skirt from the ’80s, perfect for the upcoming summer

004 (2)

And these ’80s earrings from Viola Vintage were my find of the day, especially if you consider that I’ve been looking for a pair like these for ages!

003 (2)

The Ladybug Shops Like It’s 1999: “Vintage – La Moda Che Vive Due Volte” in Reggio Emilia


I know I’ve been very quiet lately… but you know why? I have been crazy busy with some great events (oh yes, work too!) that I’ve barely had the time to write about them. But I am here and you will know all about it!

I left you in Belgioioso, end of April, for the Next Vintage event and I announced a series of vintage fairs that I was planning to attend. The weekend after, indeed, I was heading with some friends to the area of Reggio Emilia to spend a lovely weekend of sport, shopping and tourism!

Romagna Fiere (the organizer of the Forlì Vintage Fair that you may remember because I’ve been there a couple of times) decided to add some more dates to the regular fair in Forlì (probably one of the most famous Italian vintage fairs) and the first weekend of May Reggio Emilia was the center of Italian vintage and retro dealers.



If you’ve been, least once, to the Forlì vintage Fair- it is easy to recognize the familiar atmosphere and style, which I like a lot. The Fair is maybe more sober compared to others (where the location adds a lot to the event), but sometimes I like the typical fair event!

It was an occasion to meet old and new friends: I finally met with Laura from Oggetti Smarriti (one of my favorite vintage eyewear sellers), and with the guys from L’Opposto in Forlì (it was time for my sweet college memories!) and with the amazing hat artist of Stondo from Florence. But I met some new friends and made some good discoveries like: Tabata’, Magnifica Preda or the Silk Ribbon Sisters, an awesome and funny group of burlesque performers with a love for history, cabaret, dance and beauty!


Let me say that I was particularly in the mood for shopping that Sunday… especially because this was the eyewear edition and you know how much I love glasses!

Punti di Vista proposed a very interesting expo on the history of eyewear, presenting some wonderful pieces by decades and I was, as usual, amazed by the ’50s and ’60s frames.

In addition to this beautiful handmade straw hat from Stondo Firenze, I got 4 pair of glasses!!



From L’Opposto, I picked up these vintage inspired frames


and found an amazing Yves Saint Laurent piece from  the ’80s sold by Oggetti Smarriti


and what about these pure 1950s beauties from Tabata’?


It’s obvious my shopping day theme song was “Insatiable” by Prince because I continued my spree during our city tour in the center of Reggio Emilia There I found a quaint vintage shop (“Un altro giro di giostra”) with a lovely owner (Ledi) where I got this TO-DIE-FOR navy leather handbag.