The Ladybug Visits Her Sole Sister: Luisa Tratzi FW2015

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 11

My busy Saturday during Milan Fashion week continued with a visit to the beautiful Galleria Silvano Lodi in the middle of the Quadrilatero della Moda to visit the temporary show room of Luisa Tratzi. A real corner of peace in a crowded area where I had the time to admire wonderful art creations (because I can’t just call them shoes!) and catch up with Luisa to chat about her FW2015 collection, Miss Garçon.

Why Miss Garçon? First; because she introduces new flat shoes, especially brogues, with a touch of masculinity that maintain very feminine details. Secondly, because of the details that recall mens’ shirts found in many of the new pieces (from super sexy high boots to very feminine killer heels décolleté). Last but not least, the use of new materials with a wink to those jacquards used for men ties and ascots.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 08

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 07

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 09

Leather (especially suede) and patent are still the most used materials. Those along with the famous de-structured heels, which I loved so during her last show in September, continue to be the center of Luisa Tratzi’s new collection.

Speaking of which, I had the chance to try both the wedge heels and the “crooked” heels and I can tell you that they are incredibly comfortable to wear!

Luisa Tratzi’s shoes are not just shoes but elegant and sensual pieces of art, especially because of the attention and study of the details. For their complex forms and volumes, I would call them sculptures. The new colors and patterns, introduced in this collection, are to die-for: from magenta to purple, from olive green to navy blue and every possible declination of patterns on the soft leathers and new ecological furs… houndstooth mixed with patent and metallic heels.

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 06

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 04

Yet again I see in her work a beautiful way of mixing modern (sculpted and geometric forms) with vintage (use of coil heels, multiple straps and classic patterns of past eras).

I introduced Luisa Tratzi last year as one of the most talented Italian emerging shoe designers, but let me tell you that, for me, she is a star in the Italian firmament of shoe designers. The great Italian quality and her strong attention to details, mixed with her incredible creativity- make her more than an emerging talent, but a new amazing reality to keep an eye on!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 02

I tried to take as many photos as I could of my favorite pieces to share with you. Just a little something to hold you over until the new collection goes on sale.  For more, you can visit Luisa Tratzi’s site

PS: This is me with my new friend Giotto, who enjoyed the shoes (and the soft red carpet) as much as I did!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 10

The Ladybug Chronicles - Luisa Tratzi FW 01

I wore Max&Co coat, Topshop hat, Acne Studios jeans from, Dixie sweater, Tosca Blu ankle boots and nepalese necklace


The Ladybug Takes A Sip of the All White Love Potion: the P.A.R.O.S.H. Boutique in Milan


Last week I decided to take advantage of a beautiful – yet cold – day to have a relaxing tour of the fashionistas’ (not mine!) favorite part of Milan: the Quadrilatero della Moda. For those who’ve never heard, it is just a part of the city center tucked between four big streets- where all the most important luxury shops have their Italian headquarters. Of course it is also the most exciting area during fashion week (which is not too long from now!) and if you take a stroll on a peaceful Saturday in the early afternoon, you’ll have the chance to have a proper look at the windows and do some serious… daydreaming!

It was during one of these strolls that I take every now and then that I fell in love. Yes, it took a few seconds for me to realize that it was one of those “love at first sight” things, but I stopped at that window completely breathless! The lucky window was of a new shop that I’ve never seen before, but heard a lot about in the past: P.A.R.O.S.H.

I headed in like Alice in Wonderland and I was about to leave my entire check there!


But let’s start from the beginning. P.A.R.O.S.H. was just a name so far for me; I remember seeing it in the fashion magazines, but I didn’t know anything about the story. When I got home I jumped online to know more about it. When I read what it was about, I understood why I fell in love so easily!

The label was born by the most eclectic mind of Paolo Rossello, a real vintage lover and treasure hunter all over the world. For more than 25 years he has traveled the vintage markets of the whole globe looking for vintage treasure to give new life to with his magical touch! The meaning of the label is indeed PAolo ROssello Second Hand. And believe me, his second hand is to die for! It seems that he is also a buyer of the second hand market La Montagnola, in Bologna, where I first fell in love with vintage many years ago when still a student at the University of Bologna.

His shop is an explosion of colors, furs and sequins in the simple clear white walls. It’s truly a magical place! The inspirations are of every kind: from the cocktails gowns that make you look like a princess from another era, to the lovely ’50s circle skirts or the geometrical prints of the ’60s. Everything (or almost) is rigorously vintage and re-invented with the most beautiful and precious textiles and creativity. There are also modern pieces, but with a wonderful retro touch that makes you forget about them not being real vintage!

If you are around, don’t miss the opportunity to visit (and buy!) from this beautiful shop on via Santo Spirito, 14… You won’t regret it! Prices are a quite high (but not impossible!).


The Ladybug Does Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Milan: To Be or Not To Be… Fashionable? That is the Question.

I’m pretty sure that most of you know what VFNO (Vogue Fashion’s Night Out) is, but for those who don’t let me briefly explain:

VFNO is a global event (it happens once a year, the same night in all the biggest cities in the world from New York, to London, Paris and Milan) created by Vogue four years ago where shopping, fashion, culture, worldliness, solidarity come together and celebrate themselves.

This last Thursday 6th of September was the 4th VFNO… and I was in Milan, so… I decided to have a walk around the city center and see what was happening. Almost all the shops in the “Quadrilatero della Moda” (via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga, via Manzoni and corso Venezia) all the way to the Brera’s area and the very fashionable corso Como, were open until 23.30 and most of them sold limited edition objects created for the special event (all the fundraising went to the victims of the earthquake in Emilia). Almost everywhere you went you could find DJ sets, and the cultural and artistic events (expos, free visiting of museums, churches and historical areas) added extra sparkle to the event.

Actually, a great event, isn’t it?

Well… not completely. It was almost impossible to eat/drink anywhere without waiting hours to be served, the biggest boutiques (Chanel, Lanvin, Prada) had long queues to enter (honestly… what’s the reason for that? The shop is there every day!!) and in some areas it was quite impossible to walk. 99% of the girls I saw around were dressed for a wedding and were in desperate need to find a photographer to get pictured (which may explain why Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique decided to create a photoset outside the shop in collaboration with the magazine Flair!) and get a free gadget (whatever it was!). This was the “bicathlon” sport of this night of the fashion olympics!

That was not fashionable at all! Anyway, there are two more dates in Italy (the 13th of September in Rome and the 18th in Florence), maybe you’ll enjoy them and find them more fashionable; as for me I’m not sure there will be another one next year… but who knows? For now, I still need to recover from this one!

On the good side, let me add that Lanvin had the nicest limited edition objects for the night in my opinion (the t-shirts and iPhone /iPad cases were to die for!) and I took some time to take some pictures at the Lanvin wall!

Another place without a line that I preferred was, of course, the vintage boutique Cavalli & Nastri… and there I found my only girl crush of the night!

I don’t mean to sound scathing, it’s just after my wonderful experience at MFW last year and KNAGUI telling me about the unplanned fun he had with his daughter at FNO2011 in Dallas- I had higher expectations. Still, I very much so appreciate the invitations that were made to me.  For those, I was most appreciative and look forward to doing more with this real and beautiful community of fashion as I grow here in my new home… THE FASHION CAPITOL OF THE WORLD!