The Ladybug Queues Next: Next Vintage in Belgioioso!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Next Vintage Belgioioso 13

If you used to going to vintage fairs quite often, for years, the risk is that you may become… blasé.

But there are some fairs that bring a bit more to the table. They’re the same, but different at the same time. One of these, for sure, is Next Vintage in Belgioiso. I don’t go twice a year as they organize a Spring and Autumn edition, but indeed at least once a year, I need to be there.

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The atmosphere in Belgioioso has that certain something that you don’t find everywhere: maybe the location (the wonderful Belgioioso castle and garden that by itself worth a visit), maybe the selection of stallers from vintage to handmade, maybe the good vintage that can be found there, whatever it is… I think that if you love vintage you must go there!

It may not be easy to find a bargain there: I find it a bit pricey (especially some sellers who honestly sell over the regular price), but you can for sure admire many rare and hard-to-find pieces from different eras.

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This edition, a wonderful expo featuring Roberta di Camerino vintage pieces was offered to the visitors. The pieces came mostly from the Fondazione Sartirana Arte and from different vintage dealers (like A.N.G.E.L.O., Vintage Art, Aloe & Wolf, Viola vintage and many Others)…a dream for every vintage lover! I’ve never seen a lot of her pieces in real life, but those exposed there were absolutely amazing. The connection between them was the use of the “trompe-l’oeil” technique, very popular at the time and in her creations, and perfectly managed by the designer most of the time.

And for me, it was time for some shopping too: I got a late ’70s vintage doctor bag from Sculptures to Wear and a lovely handmade beret from Madame S, whom I met for the first time. She makes amazing headpieces and like me, usually attends fairs and vintage events.

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I also modeled for my friend Angela, of Sculptures to Wear, some of my favorite bags from her amazing vintage collection.

For the warm afternoon I wore my Rolling Stones’ tee from a charity shop in London (I got it for a few pounds in Oxfam, if I’m not wrong), vintage skirt from the Montagnola in Bologna, Marco Brogues and Cavalli & Nastri vintage bag from the ’70s.

By the way, I am also wearing my new Miu Miu glasses… since I found out that I need glasses, I decided to go for an eccentric pair of retro inspired cat-eye frames… what do you think?

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The Ladybug’s Incredible Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of the Vintage Workshop® in Milan

Ladybug-3946I was lying on a Ligurian beach a few weeks ago when I received an email that made me almost fall off of my towel… it was from one of the most one of a kind events in the world, the Vintage Workshop®. Not only was I kindly invited to attend the event to be held in Milan from September 11th through the 13th, but I was given the exclusivity to photograph and get a behind the scenes look of one of the most private events of the vintage scene!

Ladybug-3934My adored Angela Eupani, from Sculptures to Wear, is the beautiful mind behind the event which takes place twice a year in Milan. Just a few weeks before the crowds arrive for the “Intertex Milano,” “Ready to Show” and “MIFF” (Milan International Fast Fashion) Fashion catwalks to be held in the same location (the beautiful Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan), Angela masterfully sets the atmosphere with Fashion’s classic, unique and most treasured vintage pieces. The idea of the Vintage Workshop® is to offer to the fashion professional, as well as private vintage lovers, the possibility to find the best selection of quality and luxury vintage mostly coming from private collectors and vintage hunters and from everywhere in the world! The pieces I found there are incredibly rare and one of a kind: I couldn’t stop staring at some incredible boots and handbags that I completely fell in love with.


Ladybug-3921The concept is simple: vintage amateurs can buy or rent the pieces for private use (like I did with this wonderful tan leather handbag!), designers may use it as inspiration for the new collections… solidifying the “extracted truth” that fashion doesn’t create anymore- but recycles what’s already been created from the most intensely creative years of fashion (namely ’60s, ’70s and ’80s).

Ladybug-3936This explains, in my opinion, why vintage purists don’t accept ’90s era fashion as vintage: their overall consensus is creative experimentation became an endangered species after the Chicxulub Impact of ’80s fashion. After that decade, everything has been a continuous recreation from the past eras, and the recapitulation prevails to this day. I don’t agree 100% with this dismal characterization, but I accept part of it: if it is true that most of what is created in fashion nowadays takes inspiration from the past, it is also true that the effort to create something different, even if with retro inspiration, is still very high and the results are really remarkable- especially with French couturiers.

Ladybug-3922As a vintage lover, I felt like I was in paradise in the midst of the most beautiful clothing and accessories from the ’20s to the ’80s. And Angela’s incredible knowledge of the history of those pieces left me completely stunned. It was a sort of journey through the history of unique pieces, like this amazing Yves Saint suit or Moschino ensemble, or this wonderful Roberta di Camerino dress and belt.

Ladybug-3896I fell in love with most of the shoes and bags featured there and I took the occasion to take some pictures with my favorite pieces (at least those that I could take pictures of!).

Ladybug-3909I felt like Alice in Wonderland for an afternoon and I’m very humbled, honored and excited to share all this great exclusive with you, Lovebugs!

Ladybug-3912Ladybug-207The Vintage Workshop® for luxury fashion will return on the 8th and 9th of October in Bologna. It will be a special event focusing on vintage leather accessories with a special fashion exhibition and show for the 2014-2015 collection. Don’t miss it out!

The Ladybug’s Magic Carpet is a Red Carpet in Milan: My MFW day #1

After some great time, fun and shopping at the Vintage Fair in Forlì, my friend and I got on the car for a few hours ride to Milan. The Milan Fashion week was already on day #4 and I couldn’t resist the glossy world around the event!

I must confess that I had the most stylish guru in Milan to guide me through the interesting labyrinth of a city on fashion lockdown.  In two days we visited, shopped and took a lot of pictures. We also ruined our feet, stylishly mingling about in 12 cm heels!!

Funny thing is, no sooner than we put our soles down on via Montenapoleone we spotted Anna Dello Russo (in a Ferragamo dress, see picture below). The streets were full of celebrities and bloggers (they are everywhere, aren’t they?!?), and normal people with great taste and style (for my best of street style in Milan stay tuned!).

After a long walk through via Montenapoleaone and via della Spiga toward the Duomo, we stopped for lunch at the Excelsior Store. Inside, we also had an interesting tour. The Excelsior Store is an unique concept store in Milan: created by the Coin Group it mixes up luxury fashion, food and design. This immense store, the former Excelsior cinema, is situated a few meters from the Duomo: 7 floors and 4000 mq, where Jean Nouvel, the architect, stated a new all encompassing concept of luxury shopping: clothing, accessories, beauty, jewels, design, only the best brands around and a lot of emerging international brands (Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Philip Lim, Proenza Schouler and many others). But it is also a new food concept, where the products are organic and of greatest quality that employs the best of Italian culinary culture by giving attention to detail at the highest level.

After a tour of the Excelsior Store (you really feel as if you’re experiencing a different world when you are inside!), we decided to move to Brera for an aperitivo (it was all about Japanese at Wasabi!). But before that and after a full immersion in the Milan trendy side, I needed to get back to some vintage… that’s why we headed to Cavalli & Nastri, probably the most famous vintage shop in Milan. Actually, I should say shops because the Cavalli & Nastri brand has three venues in Milan. We chose via Brera’s store since it is probably the smaller and maybe youngest (not for age, just for style) of the three. Cavalli & Nastri is very representative of the vintage Milan style: absolutely classy and chic, it is possible to find here the most amazing designers finds; Pucci, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès just near Roberta di Camerino ’80s bags! From the beginning of the century until the ’80s it is possible to find here the rarest pieces like in a big grandmother closet where you feel like a baby again!

The girls in the shop allowed me to take some pictures around that I want to share them with you to give you some of the magic atmosphere that I could breathe there.

A few more pics of my Day #1

My new obsession: Miu Miu glitter shoes!

Prada retro window!