The Ladybug and the joy of self-acceptance

The Ladybug Chronicles Lurex Dress (4)

This set of pictures was taken a few months ago, on one of my worse days. I was not in a bad mood, just you know, those days when your face looks old and tired, your hair is a mess, you feel fat and not well dressed (anyway whatever you put on you just feel awful on your body). We all have those days: there is no make-up, hairdresser or favorite clothes and accessories that can help!

Probably it was not the best day for shooting but my friend insisted and I said ok. When I saw the pictures I just decided to throw them away! Hey, I cannot post this!

A few days ago I was cleaning my bin when I saw them and I said “Hey, stop blaming yourself for not being at your best. It happens! Just let it go and post these pictures! The dress is so cool and so is your smile!”.

The Ladybug Chronicles Lurex Dress (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Lurex Dress (5)

Accepting myself in my bad days is still a hard task for me but I keep working on it and publishing these pictures is a way to fight my self-limitations which I try to do every day. It calms me down and give me a smile and I can feel a pure joy inside when I manage to take a little step towards my life free of self- limitations. Self-acceptance and self-esteem is probably the first step to reach and I am proud of making a step closer to this point by posting these pictures.

I was wearing a Zara dress that I bought on sale, after trying it a few times as it looked too stretchy for my body; but in the end I decided that to feel more comfortable I could wear it with a jacket, like I did here (velvet one from Massimo Dutti). Pointy ankle boots are from Francesco Milano at Merry Go Round in Milan, necklaces from & Other Stories and small loop earrings are vintage.

The Ladybug Chronicles Lurex Dress (3)

The Ladybug Chronicles Lurex Dress (1)