The Ladybug’s favorite color and sweater (Purple Rain, anyone?)

Since I was a kid purple was my favorite color: I was a Fiorentina soccer team supporter because of the color of their shirt, I wanted everything purple, when Prince issued Purple Rain it became my favorite song for the rest of my life. A part from yellow, in the last 40 years, no other color could attract me more than purple.

Recently I added different shades to my personal palette: mauve, marsala, wine for example. This sweater is an example of another shades that is also part of my new palette even if I don’t know how to call it (magenta maybe?) and I am not sure this is in my season colors (who cares actually?).

It comes from Sézane: you know that I stopped buying from them after the “Mexican affair” but I have a few knits from this brand and I want to keep wearing them exactly how I do with other brands from which I don’t buy anymore (for example fast fashion brands). However, I keep loving it very much and not only for its color. It’s warm, fluffy and has a retro 80s vibe that I adore.

This is also the reason why I decided to pair it with original 80s leather trousers found on Vinted and I think that they are super cute together!

When I posted this look on Instagram I also discussed about the unflattering shape of the 80s trousers, especially if you are not really considered a tall person (laughs!). It’s maybe true but as for colors my answer is still the same: who cares? As much as I feel comfortable and confident with what I wear I don’t want to stress myself and my own body into the “unflattering thing”. Who’s with me on that?

Still not sure about the shoes (cowboy ankle boots from Carmens) as I am not convinced that they are fitting the outfit but as I was on holiday and I use to travel light I didn’t have better options for it! Always do with what you have, right?

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The Ladybug and the power of a vintage linen shirt

I wasn’t looking for a new vintage linen shirt. I love them so much, I have a few that I adore and when I already have something I usually don’t buy similar pieces. Usually. At least until I saw it.

Vintage linen shirts have such a power: not only they are fresh in summer and they are so delicate that they can make every outfit look romantic and old style; many times they have embroideries that can move a vintage lover to tears!!

And I was moved to tears when, while visiting for the first time “Pourquoi Moi” a fantastic vintage shop in Milan, I saw it: in a delicate pale pink, with these sort of big “revers” and lovely sort of arabesque embroideries, so rare and unique that I really couldn’t resist it!

And I couldn’t resist to wear it the day later, a Sunday morning while getting ready for a lunch at Lubar, a Sicilian restaurant in the heart of Milan. I wore it super simple, with a vintage jeans that is also a great find. This super pale denim comes from C-17 one of the most famous denim brands of the 80s and it is a find from my beautiful friend Suzie, owner of the online shop Inimitable Vintage in France.

Also the raffia shoes are coming from France: they are from Sézane and I was surprised of how comfy they are, not only super cute!

My turban is handmade from Madame Ilary with a fabric and trimming from Syria that I bought in Jordan some years ago.

Gucci bag is vintage as well as the gold medallion from Live in Vintage in Milan.

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The Ladybug on wearing ethical fashion

When I am asked which brands are really ethical my first answer is always the same: handcrafters are the most ethical brands. Many times they don’t even know how important is their job for the sustainability of the planet but I cannot imagine a more ethical brand than an handcrafter or an artisan.

Their small production is often on demand then they really know how to avoid overproduction; they carefully choose the most natural sources, which gives quality and sustainability to their products; they produce our clothes and accessories themselves, sometimes with the help of other workers in a very transparent way and without exploitation of people and resources.

I loved what Gaia Segattini said one day about sustainability in fashion: being sustainable as an handcrafter is easy because artisans are sustainable by default, but the real sustainable ones are those who pay their taxes and their providers and workers respecting deadlines and personal needs.

Of course there are more sustainable brands in the world and I have already showed you how to find them (here) but today I want to give you an example of what we can do to support them: just buy from them and reward them for what they do for us and for the planet!

I want to give you an example of an outfit created with pieces from an handcrafter and an ethical brand.

The outfit that I am wearing is: 1. handmade by Madame Ilary, in particular the lovely trousers and turban (I love the combo!) in a floral precious pattern in blue and dark pink that I adore! I paired the combo with 2. a broderie anglaise ivory blouse from the French brand Sézane, one of my favorite ethical brands ever! Rings and earrings are also handmade by amazing handcrafters!

PS. The shoes are second hand from Miu Miu, maybe not necessarily an ethical brand but definitely a piece that I bought used and that I have worn for almost ten years now!

What are your favorite ethical brands? Feel free to share them!

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