The Ladybug’s a Rockin’ Robin at the “Rockin’T’Park” in Milano


Two weeks ago I was invited by my friend Angela Eupani, CEO of Sculptures to Wear, to the first Vintage Festival Expo, which happened in Milan on the 15th and 16th of June.

I really like to go to the very first edition of Fairs or expos because, unless it’s a reincarnation of a previously named event, you have nothing to compare it to and they appear as something completely new. When I read the flyer, I immediately got excited about the program: the Festival was a real tribute to America and Americana. It put together the best of Rock’n Roll, Jazz, Country-Western and Rockabilly styles. From dancing classes and free dance floor, to workshops and exhibitions on burlesque, jive and boogie-woogie; from vintage styling to a vintage cars expo and of course, a vintage market with clothes, accessories, toys, books, posters, vinyl and furniture.




Let me say that the promises were definitely kept! I decided to spend my afternoon (and night!) there just hanging around and spending some time with Angela. No need to say that I hellicoptered the main area with the vintage market and the rockabilly style!!

I was very pleased to find many new stallers that I hadn’t met before, like the lovely Sweet and Ginger who had the nicest handmade rockabilly accessories or the place where I bought this lovely handmade fascinator that got my attention from the moment it caught my eye (damn, I’m getting old and I can’t remember the nice lady name!)




For the occasion I am wearing a vintage red dress from Rokit London in Brick Lane, a pair of studded red ankle boots and a pair of retro inspired frames from Lopposto in Forlì.



After some burlesque exhibitions and, as you can see, a bit of shopping; I headed to Angela’s stall where I spent most of my time! I met Angela in Belgioioso at Next Vintage in April, and maybe you remember me mentioning her because she was the seller of that cerise red Balenciaga that I saw there.



We decided to keep in touch and we did indeed: Angela is a tireless source of ideas, tips and advice on almost everything: from blogging, to selling, to vintage and event planning and marketing. I could stay hours listening to her and to her stories and ideas. As in Belgioioso, here too her stall was full of beautiful things, I took some pictures to show you some of my favorite pieces.



She is not just a seller of beautiful things (especially wonderful designer handbags!), she’s also a vintage stylist and researcher who organizes incredible shows and events related to vintage fashion (like the very famous Vintage Workshop) and she works on spreading the love and passion that she has for vintage fashion and jewels. You can find her here.

Oh… I forgot to tell you… I came back home with this! The Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle in red cerise is finally mine!! (Special thanks to “Sculpture to Wear” and Angela!)



The Ladybug’s Pause for the Cause: NYC Charity Shops Review pt. 2 – “Goodwill Industries”

I’ve been telling you about the “amazingness” of experiencing thrift stores and charity shops.  And last week I began my review of the ones I visited in NYC with Housing Works.  Remember how I told you what a surprise for me to find this shop, even if I was prepared to find some specific thrift stores while I was there, because I didn’t know anything about it.

Well, one of charity shops I was looking for was a local Goodwill.  I was trying to find one when in all actuality: it found me! It happened on that Saturday morning after visiting (and shopping at!) the Chelsea Antiques Market: when I walked out, I found a big Goodwill store waiting for me to go in and have a look! Of course, that’s what I did!

Goodwill Industries is not just a chain of charity shops around the States: they’ve been providing help, training, education and work to people with physical and mental disabilities since 1902. They do that through the donations that they receive and part of that funding and mission passes through their charity shops, of course.

When I got inside, I had the feeling of being in your average retail shop: everything was clean and orderly, and among tons of clothing and accessories you can easily find CDs and DVDs and even some pieces of furniture and art.

The most interesting part of the shop, for me, was the section of shoes: some very interesting and even rare pieces stood on their shelves… like these lovely studded Rochas ankle boots – what luck that they were my size!  I got them for only $12.99 USD!

I also liked a couple of dresses, but I shopped enough at the Chelsea Market for that day so I preferred to let them go.

I love the feeling of having found an amazing piece for a very low price.  And knowing that my money is going for a good cause makes the “reward” even better… thrift shoppers know what I mean!

Listen, if you have never tried the experience… do it! It’s….”priceless!”