The Ladybug, a vintage outfit, a market experience

I am not saying anything new by stating that I miss markets almost as much as I miss travels. We all do miss these things right?

If you consider that markets are not only my primary source for vintage pieces but also a great source for inspiration you can imagine how I feel right now!

As a content creator I definitely miss a lot of my “previous life” inspo: seeing people, going around, making new experiences, traveling, visiting museums, shops etc. was the best food for my creativity.  They brought to content things to talk about, outfit inspiration, clothes and accessories to buy, everything that I do for living (sort of!). Now I often feel drained and my online world does not always fulfill the duty!

Here in Milan I have really a few markets that help me feeding my creativity: the Antiques markets of Brera and Naviglio Grande for sure, they are a classic! In the last year I also enjoyed a good walk to Remira Market on Sunday mornings as there are a lot of things about this freshly created market that I deeply love. First of all the people: the atmosphere is relaxed and fun at the same time and the sellers (some of my favorite in Northern Italy!) are super cool!

It is easy to find your best bargains there: prices are fair and sometimes, if you are a good vintage hunter, you can really find the little treasure for a very affordable price!

Personally I also love a few concepts of Remira that are very important to me: first of all they are a plastic free market. No plastic bags, bottles, glasses etc and visitors are recommended to bring their own canvas bags for their purchases, small but big change isn’t it?

Secondly, it is not just a market but a full art experience: it takes place in the garden of an artistic space, the Tempio del Futuro Perduto, where you can see art performances, participate to workshops, reading a book from their bookshelves and many other interesting activities while sipping a drink or just buying your new vintage piece!

Remira has also space for very nice young handcrafters, many of them I just met there for the first time.

I regret that I didn’t find the time to visit them in February when they were open for two dates, before they closed again, as we all did. I promise I will do it immediately when they will open again (hopefully soon!).

These pictures were taken during one of my last visits, summer 2020 with some friends: I wore a total vintage outfit, shirt and skirt from Humana Vintage plus a vintage a bag from Blondie Girl Vintage. My turban is of course handmade from Madame Ilary and my shoes are the super old thrifted Miu Miu gladiator sandals from the 2000s!

Looking forward to take more pictures in the next Remira Market adventure!

Bag: Blondiegirl Vintage

Total outfit: Humana Vintage

Turban: Madame Ilary

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