The Ladybug is a Star Lighting Up a Rainy Milanese Sky

The Ladybug Chronicles-0981

It’s raining again in Milan, but as usual- I try to wear something cool to fight gray sky blues!
Speaking of the sky… I must share the story of the lovely star sweater that I decided to wear today: I had been looking for a black sweater with white stars for ages and I never found it until a couple weeks ago when my friend asked me to go with her to Upim (for the non-Italian let’s just say that it is a general store like Marks or Spencer with lower prices and quality for my UK readers and K-Mart for the Lovebugs in the US). I haven’t been to Upim in ages and I wasn’t very happy to follow her there, but you know what…? my lovely Springfield jumper was waiting there for me!!!
Lesson of the day: STOP shopping prejudice!!! …and prejudices of all kinds, for that matter!

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The Ladybug Chronicles-0994c

So today I am wearing it with a black wool pleated skirt by Zara and a Lorna Bosé grey cape jacket.
I added a large floppy hat from H&M and Moschino grey ankle boots from a Temporary Outlet in Milan, and a pair of spotted retro tights from Topshop.

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The Ladybug’s Tips for a Vintage-fashionable Christening

Ladybug Chronicles-4387

How complicated is it to get dressed for a Christening? It is not as formal and elegant as a wedding, but you cannot wear you jeans either!

I was invited to the Christening of the child of my colleague/friend a few weeks ago. While preparing for it I realized my decision of what to wear was taking way longer and was much more complicated than for I’d experienced for other formal events. All the outfits that came to my mind were too elegant for the occasion and I was losing my mind until the day I was walking in corso Buenos Aires in Milan and headed into a temporary outlet where I found (for 50 euros) the perfect dress for the Christening: a beautiful pleated navy dress with beige peter pan collar from Kling!

Ladybug Chronicles-4389

Ladybug Chronicles-4388

Ladybug Chronicles-4390

I paired it with my Zara beige trench and my amazing Prada suede navy sandals that I wore for the first time (wonderful shoes, but how hard were they to walk in!).

I wanted to keep my usual vintage touch, so I decided to carry my “new” navy and white vintage bag (a great find from Humana Vintage) and this lovely ring made with a white vintage button created by Cristina Rastelli of Buttons.

Oh… red lipstick is mandatory, of course! (this is Giorgio Armani)

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