The Ladybug and the story of a pair of thrifted boots (and vintage brooch, and thrifted blazer…)

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That day when I was getting ready for work I realized that I was wearing a lot of things with a long story to tell…my thrifted Texan boots, my vintage brooch or my thrifted navy blazer.

Let’s start from the thrifted boots:  I have a huge passion for Texan boots but I have never found a pair that stole my heart. I bought a few vintage pieces in time but I re-sold all of them for different reasons and it seemed almost impossible to find my perfect pair until I saw a wonderful pair on Red Poppy Vintage Instagram account. They were her own and not for sale but I asked about them and she was so kind to give me all the details: unfortunately they were from an old Golden Goose collection and it was almost impossible to find them online or anywhere else. I searched and searched for months but nothing. I was losing hope when one day I saw them used on sale on Ebay: perfect conditions, my size and one tenth of the original price! I couldn’t believe it! At the end of the auction I was the only bidder and I won the item BUT the seller decided that she didn’t want to sell them anymore! I just wanted to cry!! I was so angry and disappointed but I decided to restart my search. Almost one month later the seller contacted me to tell me that finally she decided to sell them and she was offering them to me first at the same price that I won the auction one month earlier. No need to say that I accepted her offer immediately! And so here they are, this fantastic pair of thrifted Golden Goose Texan boots, in amazing vintage leather. Super comfortable and perfect with everything, I am super happy every time that I wear them, especially if I think of how hard it was to put my hands on them! Or should I say to put my feet into them!!!

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The vintage brooch: this is a piece that vintage jewelry lovers know very well; the Elzac iconic brooch in brass and green ceramic is very famous although it is also very hard to find. When I first saw it online (on Ebay) I just fell in love with it and I asked my Blackamoor/Vintage jewelry provider Valentina from Déjà Vu Vintage if she could find it for me. She told me that it was a rare piece and that I’d better buy that one online if I wanted it. The problem was: it was already sold! Long months of Internet search and I finally found another one on Etsy: in mint conditions (the lady got it from an old stock of a jewelry seller so it was immaculate!) and for a very good price, it was finally mine! I prayed that it wouldn’t break during its long travel to Italy from the States and it finally arrived safe to my lovable hands!

The thrifted navy blazer: I was in NYC, April 2012, when I met the adorable Sammy Davis who told me one of the best kept thrifter secrets of this town. A Salvation Army big shop where I would have found so many bargains that I couldn’t even imagine. She was so right: three floors of clothing, homeware, books and accessories, I just couldn’t believe it. I think that I made most of my life bargains there! Among them this lovely double-breasted navy blazer, marine style with golden buttons that I paid only 5 dollars and that is still today one of my favorite vintage blazers ever. I wear it with everything and it is just the perfect shape and style for me!

I am also wearing Mango cropped jeans, & Other Stories floral silk shirt and pink golden hoops from Genny Pi.

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The Ladybug Doesn’t Drive in Milan, But That Doesn’t Mean She Won’t Park in a Garage…

If you are in Milan and you don’t know what to do on a Saturday afternoon with a friend, consider a “vintage” alternative to the typical “aperitivo.”  But, as we love Milanese aperitivos, let’s say that you can always do something “vintage” before the aperitivo time!

Last Saturday, I met with a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in a while. So I decided to take her to a very special event… our first Garage Sale in Milan since moving here!

I received an invitation to the event from a friend on Facebook and I was very curious to see what it was all about. It took some time to find my way there because it’s quite far from the city center area that we both know pretty well, but it was worth the trip!

The Garage sale takes place in a real garage of the Sabaoth Theatre in Milan. It’s a very cozy atmosphere with every kind of staller: from antiques and memorabilia, to vintage sellers, to normal people emptying their wardrobe instead of selling online, to handcrafters and even new designers. It was quite small and friendly and the prices were pretty affordable, sometimes even absolutely cheap!

It was easy to find very rare designer pieces or insane vintage gems- as it often happens when other peoples’ wardrobes are exposed to the public, and this is what I love most about this kinds of events! Of course I found some interesting pieces… like this Valentino silk top (that I didn’t buy, damn!) or my vintage find of the day… this adorable plaid coat that I spotted from meters away and I adored when I tried it on! I found out when I bought it that it was bought by the former owner in New York… we don’t believe in coincidences, do we?!

I also met the lovely Federica Ricciardi who received the TLC Most Creative Stalls of the Day nom: she is a crafter and designer.  I supported her amazing unique work by purchasing this lovely purple fascinator with a wool ball! I loved it so much!

It was a lovely Garage Sale, even if I must note two things- first of all the area: It is too far from the city center and maybe not be one of the safest areas in town! Second thing is the lighting: the soft light creates a great atmosphere for a vintage sale, but people have to buy things and they need to see well what they’re buying! A bit more of light all the way around would have been very appreciated!

After shopping, Sara and I decided to subvert the usual aperitivo for a Chinese jasmine tea and a delicious handmade (by Sara, of course!) apple pie… what a healthy, vintage, friendly and tasteful Saturday!

(Photo Credit: Sara M)

Mirror Mirror On the Wall… The Ladybug Reflects & Celebrates: Happy 1st Anniversary TLC!

Dear LuvBugs,

It’s been exactly one year since my first post on this blog… can you believe it?

When I started The Ladybug Chronicles: I was a bit scared and confused because I didn’t know where I was going with it.

12 months later it’s time for me to see where we’ve been: and the truth is… we’ve come very far!!! Literally and virtually!

I’m not going to list the titles, interviews or the material we’ve covered because it’s all right there… on the right side of your screen to go through as often as you want.  I only want to take a little pause and thank you from the depth of my heart for your constant support and encouragement and for being the – best – readers – EVER!

A special thanks to KNAGUI for being an amazing writer and for bringing us new and passionate stories every “next” Sunday!

Happy 1st Anniversary The Ladybug Chronicles and Happy Birthday to you LuvBugs!

Now c’mon and ease on down Memory Lane with me through this celebratory video:


The Ladybug Celebrates Summer: Pollinating a Floral Vintage Dress!

This week in Italy begins our country wide “Summer vacation.”  Nobody’s around; everyone (or quite everyone!) is on holiday, so I decided to join them… at least in my mind and through my wardrobe with this lovely red floral dress that I bought in a vintage shop in Milan this past June.

I was walking down Corso di Porta Ticinese when I spotted this lovely vintage shop: a small cave of vintage treasuries! Backstage Vintage is really one of the places to visit in Milan to find incredible pieces at affordable prices. I got a couple of things there and every piece was absolutely stunning!

This dress has an amazing floral pattern and a lovely shape (especially the squared neck and straps) even if I decided to add a white vintage belt (actually a piece of another vintage dress!!) to accentuate the waist.

I added 2 pink touches: a pink bangle with balls (!) and pink shoes from a thrifting expedition at the Salvation Army in New York (more will be said about that afternoon in Disneyland soon!).

Happy summer to everybody!

(Photo Credit: KNAGUI)

Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Taking a Bite Out of the Ladybug’s “Big Apple”

“New York, New York big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain’t always what it seems. You might be fooled if you come from outta town, but I’m down by law- I know my way around.”  These lyrics by Grand Master Flash hit my mind often; especially when I touch down in New York, but when I visited the City in April I was introduced to another facet… New York Vintage.

My trips to New York are always the same: meeting in high story offices with incredible views, bagel run at H&H Bagels on the Upper West Side, Chinese at my favorite spot in Chinatown and a short visit with family.  This trip wasn’t to much different (H&H closed in January-sniff, sniff), but there was an added purpose.  The Ladybug had planned a trip the following month and asked me to visit and stake out some spots to know if they were still there and/or with her time.  You see, we wanted to be there together and show each other “our New York,” but it couldn’t happen- so we opted to do a check list with photo sharing.

One of the shops I stopped by was L Train Vintage.  The Ladybug has shown you the great pieces she picked up there, but I thought I might deviate from my norm and share with you my “virgin vintage” find.

As quiet as it’s kept, I’m a pretty good shopper.  I was raised shopping around with my aunts.  That might be where my “eye” comes from.  I’m not “into” fashion, so I don’t know what to call these pants, but I instantly loved them.

When I bought them I was super excited!!! Now don’t get me wrong- I didn’t some thrifting and retro wearing when I was in college, but this was different. The purpose around the purchase was vintage and I felt like I’m finally inside this world I correspond with.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the flavor of the Ladybug’s Big Apple and I couldn’t wait to tell her about my find, but I severely downplayed it and told her that I’d show them to her when I got to Italy.  Little did she know, she’d soon be my photographer and I her model.

So I’m seen here in my vintage pants by Thomson, paired with a Jack and Jones T-shirt I picked up in Berlin.  My accessories: Belt by Trussardi, a music bracelet that was a gift from a fellow musician I did a clinic with in May, charm bracelet is by Axcent with charms I’ve acquired over the years, pearl by MiMi and watch by Pryngeps. Finally the shoes are Bed Stü… I picked them up in a shop called Shoegasm near Canal.

The pants really worked out well. I only needed to have the hem lowered. One funny thing is the number size of the waist- 40… much larger than what I wear, but I guess that’s what that vanity sizing in today fashion is all about.

The Ladybug and I had fun doing this shoot.  I did a few Zoolander poses, but they were too awful to post.

Hope you like what you see.  And if you dig the photography, let her know!

See you “Next Sunday!”