The Ladybug on Spring, girlfriends and Herb Ritts

The Ladybug Chronicles Herb Ritts (5)

Imagine the first Spring weekend (well, the one just before!), your girlfriends being in town for the Stramilano (Milanese run) the next day and many girlish things to do during the weekend. What is on the menu? Food, running, shopping, pictures, art and much more!

It was hard to put everything in a weekend program but we managed and we are very happy about it, even if on Monday we felt like we needed the whole week to recover from the last two days! But let’s be honest, the time spent with your friends is the best time ever whatever you decide to do but when you do all the things you love and they love, well it is priceless!

This is just the photo-story of a Saturday in Milan, from a healthy regenerating lunch at God Save the Food to the Herb Ritts exhibit at Palazzo della Ragione, from shopping in the city center (including our favorite Bivio shops) to a vintage glass of wine at the Sine Modus shop in Porta Venezia, ending with a delicious Russian dinner at La Veranda, my favorite Russian-Ukrainian place in town.

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Let me just add a few words on Herb Ritts exhibit “In equilibrio” at Palazzo della Ragione until the 5th of June: there is not much to add about this incredible photographer but believe me, the exhibit is absolutely worth a visit for the collection exposed of fashion and celebrities photographs (including one of my favorite Prince photograph and my adored Bill T. Jones series) but also to admire his incredible art of making powerful portraits.

This is basically how we prepared for the 10K run of the next day…not really healthy preparation I know but incredibly fun!

I wore Diffusione Tessile navy maxi coat, Penneys striped shirt, Met jeans, Traffic People headband, Valentino glasses, Miu Miu bag, Nike 4 Other Stories white sneakers and Nars red lips courtesy of Simona!).

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The Ladybug Proves Vintage Comes From Within: What I Wore for the AVM, Verona

Ladybug Chronicles-ANGELAandKNAGUI

I told you last week about my great experience at Arsenale Vintage Market in Verona and about the Vintage Tour Blogger, but I didn’t take the time to share more pictures about my outfit from day.

Funny, I didn’t wear anything vintage, even if the whole effect had a retro-inspired flavor!

I wore a H&M black lace dress (one of my latest finds from a few weeks ago!) and a H&M faux leather biker jacket that I bought a few years ago.

Ladybug Chronicles-05906

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Ladybug Chronicles-1341

I added designer shoes from Marni (I love these wooden platforms from a few seasons ago: they are comfortable and absolutely beautiful with this ’70s vibe. Ah… I got them for half their price on Ebay last year!) and designer handbag from Balenciaga (do you remember the story of the bag with Angela Eupani from Sculptures to Wear at the Next Vintage in Belgioioso last April?!).

The last retro touch was this lovely headband from Traffic People that I bought at their lovely shop in Old Spitalfields Market during my last trip to London.

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The Ladybug Takes London…Again pt. 1: Peregrinating The Pop Up Vintage Fair at Old Spitalfields Market


It has been a bit more than a year since one of my best blogger experiences: the Pop Up Vintage Fair in Hampstead, London, happened.

When I say best blogger experience, I don’t only mean the fact that I loved being there- the stallers, the finds, the whole vintage fair thing, but mostly I’m referring to the personal part of it. I met wonderful people who are now my vintage BFFs and who are a beautiful part of my real life: I met Maxine, Daisy and Salina there for the first time last year and our friendship has been growing since then!

Daisy and Salina came to Milan in September and we keep sharing not only our love for vintage (and cakes!) but also our personal life events and feelings.

We decided that it was time for another London reunion and we took the occasion of another amazing Pop Up Vintage Fairs to make it happen. We picked up the Saturday fair at Old Spitalfields, one of my favorite markets from my London years, and one of the most iconic London markets ever, the weekend before last.


I flew to London on a Friday night and on Saturday morning we were ready for the big event! After a bit of shopping with Daisy at Traffic People in the market area (good excuse to dry off from the rain while waiting for Salina!… Btw; aren’t those flats and headscarf lovely?? And on sale!!) and a quick brunch at the Giraffe in Old Spitalfields, we were ready to start the shopping and to meet Maxine!


The reunion was amazing and nearly everyone in the market felt the energy from the excitement that we shared! It was time for laughing, shopping, cakes (not only Salina brought her amazing freshly baked red velvet ones, but we stood at the Flavourtown stall for a while, trying all their amazing cupcakes! This Guinness and Bailey’s St. Paddy’s edition was to die for!), a lot of fun and pictures!



I liked a lot the idea of mixing the typical Old Spitalfileds’ market stalls with the vintage stalls from the Pop Vintage Fairs: it was an occasion to cross-pollinate the beautiful buyers and sellers of mainstream and handcraft designers markets with the amazing world of vintage.

We did a lot of shopping and I found some new interesting “faces:” I bought a lovely ring from Leyla Cemal ( and I am still upset that I haven’t bought some more handmade jewels from her (for example a lovely skull necklace that I’ll try to get from her site soon!) because her creations were really lovely.


Also, as I often do when I go to London- especially at the Pop Up Vintage Fairs, I decided to offer my hair a vintage treat by getting some awesome victory rolls from Candypout! Roxana did a great job with my hair and I really decided that I have to try making victory rolls myself!




When the fair closed we were still hungry for shopping, so we decided to head to Collectif in the market area. If you’ve never heard about it, you should definitely have a look because its ’50s inspired pin up clothing is really lovely! Salina tried on half of the shop (the other half was modeled by Daisy and I!). I left with this lovely Pan Am inspired red hat that I’m sure my SoS will love!



Still thirsty for shopping; we moved to the near Brick Lane, one of the best vintage areas in London, where the shops were closing and leaving space to thousands of Indian restaurants!

We still managed to find Rokit open and I bought this lovely red daisy dress!



On the way home, Daisy and I stopped for our usual fish and chips dinner- even if we were tempted to have a sadity meal with Salina at Poppies in Hanbury Street… a retro-American inspired fish and chips restaurant with a real vintage jukebox and 1950s styled waitress uniforms!


For the day I wore a pencil skirt and white shirt from Zara, with my vintage fur, my brogues from Shoegasm in NYC, Max & Co messenger bag and a the funniest handmade bow tie from Bizzaria (

If you want to attend one of Maxine’s wonderful Pop Up Vintage Fairs in London, visit (and like!) their facebook page: and get all the information you need.