The Ladybug enters the enchanted world of Antonio Marras (Nulla Dies Sine Linea)


I started 2017 with great “firsts”: the first movie of the year (Collateral Beauty), the first book of the year (Rodolfo Walsh stories), the first shopping of the year (a beautiful and warm jacket for half of its price). So was my first exhibit of the year: Antonio Marras’ Nulla Dies Sine Linea at the Triennale in Milan.

I visited the exhibit at the beginning of January, on a cold Saturday afternoon and I loved it since I came in, passing through a series of hanged white shirts and black jackets with attached bells  as so wanted the artist.

The artist is Antonio Marras, one of my favorite designers ever, whose fashion showroom and artistic space (Spazio Marras) is one of my favorite corners in Milan (I visited it recently for the wonderful Malick Sidibé photography exhibition). I have always loved his fashion and I have always considered him as one of the most innovative and creative talents in Italy. I have been following him since he was an “emerging designer” because I was stunned by his fashion art and I have been loving him since then.



I wasn’t surprised to find out that he was also an incredible artist. Nulla Dies sine Linea is a tribute to his life and career but also to the artist more than the designer. Fashion is everywhere but the exhibit is a totalizing journey into his world. From paintings to sculptures and installations, the atmosphere is relaxed, the lights are soft, the music delicately brings the visitor inside Marras’ world. There is no filter and the personal reaction is crucial. There is life and death, light and mystery, sex and fashion. Old doors and furniture often surround the installations and when you cross them you have the incredible feeling of entering something private, enveloping and fascinating, involving all of your senses.

I adored this touching journey and I fell in love with Antonio Marras even more as I discovered a lot more about his art and I was captivated by its amazingness.

I wore a Blauer green parka, Acne Studios black skinny jeans and Replay biker boots.




The Ladybug Is A Dreamer and Dissenter: Turning the Triennale’s Clock Back to the 60’s

Ladybug Chronicles-4723

Some Sundays I am just in a vintage mood and this time the only thing I could do to satisfy myself was to head to the Triennale for a very interesting journey through the ’60s. It was indeed the last day of the beautiful expo “Dreamers and Dissenters,” a real illustrated journey through the trends of the ’60s at the Triennale (one of my favorite art spaces in Milan). So, I decided that I needed a ’60s look!

Ladybug Chronicles-4693

Ladybug Chronicles-4697

Dreamers and Dissenters was created by Matteo Guarnaccia who drew the tables and Giulia Pivetta who researched through archives, books and videos of the era. The result is a small, yet sparkling universe of symbols, stories, notes and cartoons.

Ladybug Chronicles-4725

Ladybug Chronicles-4732

Ladybug Chronicles-4733

The fabulous world of the Sixties is described through its trends, fashion and music: from the hippies to the dandies, from the pacifists to the surfers. There’s also Beatlemania, the Black Panthers and the Playboy Bunnies.

Ladybug Chronicles-4734

Ladybug Chronicles-4739

Ladybug Chronicles-4720

To go with the expo, I backcombed my hair and wore a ’60s inspired black and beige dress from A Wear. I added cream tights and bi-colored Primark ballet flats. I accented that with a bakelite necklace from “Colazione da” and added a heart ring from Lumiere Bijoux and white vintage button ring from Buttons as finishing touches.

Ladybug Chronicles-4721

Ladybug Chronicles-4744