The Ladybug’s hunt for 90’s denim

The Ladybug Chronicles Zara Denim (3)

Denim Denin Denim: this is my obsession this year!! Why? Very simple: I sold most of my used denim on Ebay because I lost weight and many of them were too large…to make long story short: I realised I only had two jeans left in my wardrobe, a mom jeans and a skinny one. Not good!

I then made a list of the jeans that I needed:  denim culottes, flare 70’s jeans, cropped jeans, 90’s large jeans and vintage Levi’s. Huh…too much hunting!! I should do a little step at a time!

Let’s start from the first one, that turned out to be a three-pair 90’s large jeans/culottes…more than what I needed actually but the price was too good and I couldn’t resist!!

The Ladybug Chronicles Zara Denim (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Zara Denim (1)

I left for Munich on the first day of sales, so the following weekend I decided to go for a sales session in town. I started from Zara of course and I found many interesting jeans 90’s style for less than 15 euros each. I couldn’t find my size so I started my Zara denim’s hunt across all the shops in Munich and Frankfurt but without any positive result. I was so upset that I went online and checked the availability in stores to find out that all of them in my size were available in…Milan!!

When I came back home I first headed to Zara to try them all and they were perfect! 40 euros for all of them was a good price so I got them all! After all, I needed jeans right?

This is my first pair a 90’s shape mixed with culottes….two pieces in one! I also love the side split and the colour. I paired it with a thrifted Twenty8Twelve red tee, a 70’s inspired red little bag from Zara and my new adored New Look floral loafer slippers found on Asos for half the price (20 euros!).

The Ladybug Chronicles Zara Denim (5)The Ladybug Chronicles Zara Denim (2)


The Ladybug’s outfit for..queuing!


As I told you in my last post I spent two days in Bologna with my friends to see the famous David Bowie Is exhibit. I also told you that we went there on Monday and we realized that there was a more-than-three-hour-queue and we decided to leave it there and to enjoy the city while buying a fast-lane ticket for the following day!

But I was wearing my vintage jumpsuit and I thought that it was cool to take some pictures before heading to lunch and some visiting in my adored Bologna, where I spent so much time when I was a student and where I madly fell in love with vintage among the stalls of the Montagnola park.




I am wearing indeed a vintage black playsuit that I bought at Vintage Dublin when I was in Ireland at the beginning of the year. It was part of a flash-sale at 10 euros and I didn’t even try it! It is a piece from the 80’s and the upper part is made of velvet (even if you cannot really see it from the picture).

I added a vintage leather obi – that you cannot see either – and I wore it with my biker boots from Replay, my military jacket from Twenty8Twelve and my Michael Kors bucket bag.

With all that black I couldn’t help wearing my old Kiko red lipstick, of course!




The Ladybug’s Outfit for East Village Shopping

And this is my outfit for my East Village Vintage Shopping Day!

I’m wearing a Topshop faux-leather jacket, an American Apparel polka-dot long skirt with a vintage skinny belt and a simple white t-shirt.

I added a Twenty8Twelve scarf because it was a little windy, a Max & Co. comfortable biker boots for the long walks through the city, and one of my favorite handbags from Zara.

I’m also wearing two gold bracelets from Madewell and a studded handmade bracelet from Unica.

And I’m having a deliciously vintage American Mister Softee ice-cream! “I cream man!!!”

The Ladybug in New York City: Day #2

If day #1 in New York was all about excitement and amazingness (my most frequent word was “Wow!”), then day #2 I was to be the beginning of me feeling at home. And this was to be achieved by… a little shopping! One of the things I loved about New York is that the most exciting thing to do there is live: visiting museums or monuments was a great experience, but walking down the streets and feeling the vibrant atmosphere was really unique. On my second day, I walked a lot: from Lower Manhattan to Soho, Chinatown and Little Italy. When you move from an area to another one you can feel the difference, it’s like changing cities every day and in some instances many times in a day.

My outfit for the day was very similar to the one of the day before: comfy Zara Pants, H&M grey t-shirt, same Topshop faux leather jacket, Zara handbag and Adidas sneakers. I just added a Twenty8Twelve scarf and my Marni for H&M earrings.

I was so happy to finally have some shopping time in American Apparel in Soho (my purchases will be featured in the next outfit posts!) and more than everything Madewell on the 5th Avenue- where I would have used my whole credit card limit!! As you can see I also found the Camilla and Marc Swimsuit featured on the New York Times that I shared on my Facebook page and that I loved so much but unfortunately the price hasn’t changed since then ($220 USD…definitely too much for a swimsuit, even if it was my soul mate!)

I also found a lovely shoe shop called Shoegasm where I bought a lovely pair of tan brogues (on sale!). They soon became my favorite shoes in New York!

Sex and the City lovers… does this place look familiar to you? Yes, it’s the Prada amazing shop in Soho where Carrie takes Berger!

Such a shame it was closed, but “A Second Chance” in Soho on Prince Street is an amazing designer resale boutique that carries the finest selection of luxury items from designers such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Pucci, Prada, Marni and Lanvin. The boutique specializes in new, pre-owned, and vintage Chanel handbags and jewelry. Maybe it was a good thing for my wallet to find it closed… and a big sign was the fact that I couldn’t get back to check it out!

The Ladybug’s Wings of Wisdom: Tip #5 – “Coordinating The Perfect Wedding Guest Ensemble”

They say that nowadays people get married in their mid-thirties which explains why I’ve been invited to many-a-friend’s weddings in the last few years.
Let me begin by saying I’m not a “Bride magazines cutouts” kind of girl. I’m not saying that I don’t want to get married (…we’ll just say it’s not on top of my list!); still that’s not what this is about: I’m talking about going to weddings as a guest- which is really a full-time job, especially in Southern Italy! …Presents, trips, days off work and of course – the choice of the perfect outfit!
So over the last few years I created a very personal list of things to remember when I get to that question: “What shall I wear for the wedding?”
Rule #1: Avoid black! If you go to a wedding in Southern Italy (especially in winter) it often looks like a funeral. I know that black is considered the elegant color and that it makes us look thinner but really – a wedding is a moment of joy for someone else who’s probably your friend so… let’s celebrate it with joy!
Rule #2: Don’t get overdressed! It happens too often that I confuse the bride with other guests dressed with cocktail dresses perfect for an Oscars’ party! C’mon; it’s just a party. You won’t be awarded anything except maybe the bride’s bouquet, if you’re “lucky” enough!
Rule #3: Have fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t think about what other people may think of your outfit! Use a statement piece that can make you stand out of the crowd!
Rule #4: Don’t buy a new dress only for the wedding! Re-use your dresses, even if they’re not that elegant you can make them look fabulous with the right accessories! (Yes, I’m very recession-friendly!)
Rule #5: Wear vintage! Mix a vintage piece with the other pieces, because it’s something that only you will wear and you won’t find anyone else with the same piece!
Rule #6: Pay attention to hair and make-up! The importance of details: perfectly manicured hands, clean and nicely styled hair, nice make up!
Rule #7: Wear red lipstick! Period.
Last week was one of my BFFs weddings in the beautiful Basilicata (an awesome Italian region sadly not well known), so I decided that for her I needed to make a special effort and respect ALL the rules!
Here’s my outfit for the day:

I chose a silk light blue playsuit with a bow on the neck from Twenty8Twelve, a black short jacket from Anymoore, a vintage fur cape to keep me warm in the freezing weather, a pair of heeled platforms from Mark Ellis NY and big chained clutch from Vic Matié.

Here are the details:

I got myself a retro braid and added a retro headband with stones and feathers to give a retro touch to the whole outfit. I pushed a bit on makeup and I wore my favorite Chanel red lipstick!
Here’s my friend Carmen’s look for the wedding:

A color-block dress from Topshop, a vintage statement belt, and heels from Minelli. Love the lateral plait (yes, that’s my creation!) and her red-orange Mac lipstick!
Not to leave out the most honored attendant of the wedding: here’s the beautiful bride with her retro white fur cape:

And the newly-weds in their vintage car… the white Cinquecento is THE car!

PS: I also have some ideas and tips concerning my wedding; but as I don’t think it will happen soon, I’ll share those tips in another post… maybe just before Christ returns! LOL