The Ladybug runs again: Energizer Night Run in Milan

Energizer Night Run Milano 3

I know I’ve been talking about running and what it means (and meant) to me so I won’t start here again but let me share one of my favorite running events I attended this year in Milan, the Energizer Night Run.

Energizer Night Run Milano 1

This was not the first time for me as I run the Energizer last year (it was my first run ever if you don’t consider the cross-country races in the middle-school!) but it was completely new in a certain way as I enjoyed it more this year: maybe my good results, maybe the good company of my friends-colleagues or the fresh air but I really had a great time. You can never forget your first run, I guess this is the reason why the Energizer Night run is always so pleasant to me!

Energizer Night Run Milano 2

It is also one of the most famous running events in town, a charity run for Unicef during the night in Parco Sempione, wearing a small flashlight that illuminates the night, creating a great view in the dark, especially if you think that about 7000 people were running in the park. It’s a short one (5K) but it’s fun to see so many people of every age joining the run for a good cause!

Energizer Night Run Milano 4

The Ladybug celebrates Audrey Hepburn in Rome

Exactly 50 years ago the unforgettable Audrey was showing her beauty, talent and class to the whole world with the movie that made her a style icon, “Breakfast at Tyffany’s” (1961).

Today and until the 4th of December, “her”city, where she shot the movie that made her famous, “Roman Holiday” (1953) celebrates her at the Ara Pacis with an expo on her roman age.

The relationship between Audrey and Italy, Rome in particular, was very strong: not only did she shoot two movies there (the other was “The Nun’s story” in 1959), but she lived in the Eternal city after marrying the Italian psychologist Andrea Dotti in 1970 for about 30 years. She had a son with him, Luca, who is also the organizer of this fantastic expo “Audrey a Roma. Esterno, giorno”. The British actress lived there as an actress of course, as a wife and mother, and also as a goodwill ambassador for Unicef (which will receive part of the funds raised through ticket sales for the exposition -2,50 euros of the 10 euros entry ticket).

This is one of the most complete and interesting expos ever organized on Audrey. Many moments of her life in Rome can be admired as unseen pictures of her, videos and also personal objects of the actress. For example you can see images shot during her travels as ambassador for Unicef meeting kids in Somalia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Sudan and Latin America. Also many unseen pictures of her daily life in Rome and a video where you get a glimpse of how Audrey lived when she was far from jet-setting and the movie lights!

Of course there will be a section related to Audrey’s great sense of style: Valentino, Givenchy and many others will exhibit beautiful dresses created for her that best represents her natural sense of fashion that made her the most famous style icon of all time, along with the dresses that she usually wore in her everyday life.

Comparing this expo to the one in New York on the same subject we can say, “if that one celebrated the Style Icon, the symbol of fashion and elegance during the 50s, this one allows us to get into Audrey’s private life and more intimate moments.”

If you want to take with you some of her “roman souvenirs” you can find the book in the bookstores now “Audrey a Roma” (Mondadori, 24,90 euros) where you can find some of her most interesting pictures.

Open every day except Mondays until the 4th of December, from 9am to 7pm, more info at or