The Ladybug slowly returns to normal vintage blogging

The Ladybug Chronicles Viganò (1)

I am realizing now that I didn’t even publish a blog post for a month now…May has been a very hard month: I was more concentrated on the changes happening during the month with the end of the lockdown and the progressive re-opening of the activities. Changing my mind from isolation to “ok, it’s time to get back to the world!” was not easy. I am still working from home and my come back to reality is happening very slowly. Also, I was so much more concentrated on my Instagram channel that I quite forgot the rest!

Nevertheless I have so much content to share that I decided to be back with a quite old outfit post, that I wore during my first visit to Viganò, one of the most iconic historical shops of Milan. That same day I was going to discover all the secrets of this place, through a guided tour inside the history of this place and family. I was impressed by the beauty and the memories that are still there: you can imagine the Milan of the 20s, 30s and so on and the classy ladies buying sequins and pearls, the opera divas and the rich ladies of the era, only looking for the best quality around. But Viganò is not just a sewing shop!

The Ladybug Chronicles Viganò (2)

The Ladybug Chronicles Viganò (3)

We discovered for example, an amazing jewelry collection from the best jewel designers, including YSL, Dior and many other famous designers dating from the 40s and passing by the different eras with different styles. This place is like a little museum that every Milanese must know, but also every vintage lover around!

That day I wore a total vintage outfit from Maison Retrò (mustard 80s shirt and grey midi skirt) paired with a 70s rattan bag from My Italian Bazaar. To complete the sustainable outfit I added a handmade turban from Madame Ilary and handmade clogs from Casta e Dolly at Arkivio Vintage.

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