The Ladybug, Some Good Old Friends, The Navigli and the Beautiful Antiques’ Market

The Ladybug Chronicles-5069

I can’t remember the last time I went for a walk along the canals of the Navigli and enjoyed the festive atmosphere of one of the most beautiful Antiques’ market that I’ve ever visited. The last time may very well have been a year ago, when I wrote this post about my great finds at the Market.

Strange that it’s been so long since this market takes place every last Sunday of the month and I truly adore it!

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So when my friend Silvia visited from Switzerland and asked me to go, I was very happy to organize a few hours on the Navigli. While there we had lunch with our friend Valentina (the amazing photographer of these pictures), and enjoyed the promenade among vintage and antiques’ stallers.

I didn’t buy anything (ok, maybe some vintage books for few euros at Il Libraccio), but I really enjoyed the day: simple things, good lunch, good friends, nice weather (almost a miracle during this season in Milan).

The Ladybug Chronicles-5065

I opted for a relaxed warm outfit: wearing a simple H&M denim dress (and golden lips necklace) and a warm brown fur aviator coat jacket by Fornarina.

I added my vintage touch by wearing my vintage “Texan” boots (a memory from my trip in NYC – I bought them at A Little Wicked on Houston Street) and a vintage handbag from a German vintage seller on Ebay!

[Photo Credit: Valentina Micheli]

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The Ladybug is a Vintage Reader at the Salone del Libro Usato in Milan

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Living in Milan, one of the events that I really cannot miss is the Used/Vintage Book Expo. I enjoyed it so much last year (I still remember that day was the first snow of the season!) that I couldn’t wait for this year’s event which would happen during the last weekend of November.

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This year things were a little bit different: first, the location (one of side pavilions of the Milanocity Fiera) was not as beautiful as it was last year.  I also noticed there were few more antique book collectors compared to the year before.

I love those big volumes full of dust- that smell, the history…, but I prefer less vintage finds in this instance… like comics or just used books at ridiculous prices!

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My friend Silvia was visiting during that weekend and we took some time to play at the little playground near the Fair… I wore a Twenty8Twelve taupe military jacket with an H&M black sweater and leather midi skirt. I added black man brogues from Marco and my small Balenciaga handbag.

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This year I found some old Valentina comics (I was so happy because after her expo last summer, I wanted to read so much more about her!) and three used books for 2 euros each: my beloved American writer, James Baldwin; one of my favorite French writers, Jean-Claude Izzo, and my favorite book from University, Maruja Torres’ Amor America.The Ladybug Chronicles-5062