The Ladybug is a Vintage Tourist in Poland: Moja Warsaw Dzień 1

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As we are already in the wake of things that I did in 2013 but didn’t have the time to share, we can definitely talk about my lovely trip to Warsaw, Poland for the All Saints’ holiday!

I’ve been to Poland before, but this was my first time in Warsaw: I have a very good friend from there (even if she doesn’t live there anymore); so I decided that after years of talking about visiting, I’d finally spend some time with her over the holiday!

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I must say that the late Autumn weather, the amazing company and the surprising city (and food!) made my little trip to Warsaw absolutely amazing! It was very intense. We walked around all day so I could visit as much as I could, but I also lived a little bit of the life of the real people of Warsaw!

This meant good food (yes, I ate very well especially the famous pierogi and great meat… and beer!). We visited interesting museums on the story of Warsaw (especially during the second world war), art collections, lovely tea shops and much more. This much more includes some vintage shops, of course!!

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I was very impressed by the number of vintage shops and thrift/charity stores that I found in Warsaw: maybe some weren’t worth a visit, but if you go around make sure you visit the “Vintage store” in its two different shops not far from one another around the University area. These shops were definitely among my favorites. It was here I found the most beautiful piece of the trip: this soviet army cap with original pins and stems! Such a shame that it was a collector item not on sale or it would be with me in Italy right now! I couldn’t find “Matrioszka Second Hand;” apparently a very interesting second hand store that I read about and must save for my next trip there! In exchange, I managed to find the Humana People in Warsaw. They had some interesting pieces, even if still I prefer the Milanese version!

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For my first day in Warsaw I wore a Topshop red check shirt and black vintage leather shorts. I added this soft New Look white hairy jacket to keep me warm and a retro inspired houndstooth coat from Max & Co (my warm coat for these two days).  I am also wearing Les Lolitas dark green Chelsea boots (very comfortable for long walks, but soon to be available for purchase in my Ebay Store!) and a beautiful dark orange Stondo Vintage felt hat that I bought at Padova Vintage Festival last October.

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The Ladybug’s Vintage in the Sky with Diamonds!

I  know I’ve been a very bad blogger lately (too quiet!), so… since it was bank holiday here on Wednesday and I decided to have a nice night out, I thought I would share with you my outfit for the night!

My vintage is found in these, can I say, sexy black leather shorts and my diamante necklace!
I’m loving this Zara stars shirt (it reminds me of the stars’ rain of Dolce & Gabbana’s catwalks from last year!) and my Burberry patent ankle boots from a few years ago (got them online for a third of their price! That was a bargain!)
I decided to give my vintage necklace some good company tonight…wearing it with my Chanel necklace (another great online bargain!), my Swarovski skull pendant and a lovely typical beaded Ukranian necklace that I bought during my trip to Kiev a few years ago! I love the multichain effect! What do you think?