The Ladybug, a Rolls Royce and some mustard sauce

Strange title there, isn’t it?

Well let’s try to analyse it: why a Rolls Royce? Rolls Royce is the English name for one of the most famous wax patterns, the hibiscus one, also known in French as Fleurs de Mariage (wedding flowers). Even if the names are completely different the meaning of this “pagne” is exactly the same: it represents happiness within a couple and it is known for being considered as a good luck gift, bringing success and abundance to those who wear it (possibly the reason why it is called Rolls Royce!). It is a very popular pattern but also a traditional one, for this reason I truly believe that every real wax lover should have at least one piece in Fleurs de Mariage! I have to say that I have more than one, even in different colours, but this classical red/white pattern is definitely the one that I prefer. For this reason I asked Magali from Atelier Habibi to create one of her lovely Mahotella skirts in this pattern for me; and I wear it all the time (even in winter although these pictures are taken in Cagliari last September) and it is one of my “wax it-pieces”

And why mustard sauce? Mustard is the exact color of this adorable vintage shirt coming from a deadstock that I found on Vinted some time ago: peter pan collar, lovely embroidery on the front and fantastic puff sleeves: how could I resist?

Mixing vintage and handmade wax pieces is my favorite activity but I added a couple of very special pieces here that made the whole package super fun:

  • First of all this handmade canvas bag with a very interesting quote in Sardinian language (it translates with something like F*ck plastic!) that I found at Recyclerie in Cagliari and that made laugh everyone in town (they all asked if I knew what it meant!!)
  • My favorite clogs from Lotta from Stockholm (love this brand when it comes to clogs!)

Less fun but still beautiful my cross-body Cartier vintage bag from Grey Vintage Shop.

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The Ladybug’s last addiction: the 50s straw bag

The Ladybug Chronicles Straw Bag (2)

When I received this wonderful 50s vintage straw bag, bought from Frida Vintage on Vintag, I couldn’t wait to wear it! The first occasion was a Saturday lunch with my friends in Milan where I showed off my new amazing bag with a certain pride! It is really an amazing piece!

During our lunch and shopping session in Porta Venezia area I received so many compliments and people asking for it (and for my Madame Ilary turban) that I spent most of my time telling people where I found the bag and the turban, what is Vintag and where my friend has her show room in Milan!

A part from that, we tried an Eritrean restaurant called Warsà (honestly one of the best Eritrean restaurants I’ve ever tried and you know that I tried a lot around the world!) followed by a shopping session at the Bivio (second hand store) and at I love Vintage in the best company ever: could I ask for more?

The Ladybug Chronicles Straw Bag (4)

The Ladybug Chronicles Straw Bag (8)

The Ladybug Chronicles Straw Bag (1)

For my relaxing Saturday I wore a thrifted Sonic Youth tee from a London charity shop (I can’t remember which one), Fontana Design black culottes at Archivio Vintage, as well as my Casta & Dolly wooden clogsand one of the vintage denim jackets from my collection with Madame Ilary.

As you know my vintage beloved bag is from Frida Vintage on Vintag and my beautiful turban is from Madame Ilary. Loop earrings are from Mango.

The Ladybug Chronicles Straw Bag (6)

The Ladybug Chronicles Straw Bag (7)

The Ladybug Chronicles Straw Bag (5)

The Ladybug Chronicles Straw Bag (3)