The Ladybug at the Salon du Vintage in Paris (+ vintage shopping in town!)

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As I told you in my last post I know Paris pretty well: I lived there for a while when I was a student but this last visit in October was my first real “vintage” experience in Paris.

The “excuse” to buy myself a weekend in Paris for my birthday was the Salon du Vintage in Paris: I was so curious about this event as I heard a lot of it during the past few years. It was a one-day event at the Carreau du Temple, in the République area, and the location itself deserves a special mention. It is a covered market built in 1863 re-opened only in 2013 and dedicated to be a public space mostly for fairs and different kind of events. If you are used to Italian or English fairs, let me say that it is quite different! I cannot really explain how and why but the atmosphere is incredibly classy yet grunge at the same time…it is a “first” for me as I have never experienced this before! Half of the Hall is dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories of all eras and for every pocket while the other part is dedicated to handmade artists (especially jewels) and antiques.  Moreover, Olivier Châtenet, one of the biggest Yves Saint Laurent collectors, presented the exhibit LA COLLECTIONITE AIGUE with the evolution of the designer’s iconic bush jackets from 1969 to 1980.

It was possible to find striped shirts, denim shorts and a lot of American vintage for young people to designer coats and accessories mostly for lady but if you are around on the next event (planned for December but in another location) don’t forget to look for Dingue de Lunettes for vintage frames, the vintage pieces by Martine Rigole and Constantine Vintage and Hippy Market Vintage that you can also find in town in different locations. Personally I fell in love with Tilt Vintage coats: I spent there a lot of time trying almost all the faux-fur jackets and coats until I fell in love with a 70’s coat that traveled to Italy the same day (I will show you soon on the blog as the cold season is almost here!)

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I also discovered a lovely French jewel designer who made the loveliest pieces in plated gold and leather, Ciell, from who, after a long decision over many of her pieces, I bought a golden bracelet that you probably saw on my Instagram/Facebook feeds lately!

I was surprised about the number of people visiting the place and leaving with bags full of vintage shopping (which I did too as you can say!) and considering the number of vintage shops that I saw (and visited) in the area of Paris where I spent the weekend – mostly the upper Seine river – let me say that Paris is more into vintage than what I imagined.

If you are in Paris make sure you look for a “friperie”, a sort of vintage store/charity shop where you can find great bargains as they are usually cheaper that the vintage shops. That’s why I want to tell you my favorite vintage stores (or friperies) of my area or at least those I could visit during the short weekend. First of all, if you are visiting the Centre Pompidou, a few meters away you can find Mad Vintage, a lovely shop full of beautiful dresses and skirts.  From there you can head to rue de Rivoli to find Free’P’Star, it is a very tiny shop on two floors that requires a lot of patience because it is often full of people but where you can definitely find some great pieces. If you love kilo sales you can try in the same area and more precisely in rue de la Verrerie, Kilo-Shop Paris le Marais a huge vintage shop where you can find almost everything and buy it based on its weight; if you visit it during the weekends be prepared to fight a lot to see what they sell as it is packed as hell!

I wore a retro inspired handmade jumpsuit from Bloody Edith, Zara white shirt, Max&Co bag and coat, vintage shoes and a yellow handmade turban by Sine Modus.

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The Ladybug is in a Vintage Paradise at Milano Vintage Week

The Ladybug Chronicles - Milano Vintage Week ii 10

Even if I had gone to the first edition of the Milan Vintage Week which happened last Spring during the Salone del Mobile, when I heard about a new edition I decided to head in during the weekend to see what it was about this time. I just didn’t expect to find what I found.

I’m not saying that I didn’t like the first edition- it was pretty cool and interesting, but this time I was just… WOW! Yes, possibly because it was a shorter edition (not a week but just a weekend) it was full of people.  And not just those people who are there to have a look and go away, but I mean packed with real vintage people: those who love it and live for it! Like me!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Milano Vintage Week ii 09

The Ladybug Chronicles - Milano Vintage Week ii 08

The Ladybug Chronicles - Milano Vintage Week ii 07

A lot of interesting workshops and lectures around vintage, style and craft workshops were held over the course of the weekend and it was also easy to find great bargains with general pricing being correct and honest.

The atmosphere was alive and sparkling with an ease of meeting new people with your same passion- talking vintage forever! I found some of my favorite sellers and let me say that what I saw in their stalls was pretty amazing: from clothes to accessories, I just fell in love with many pieces. And even if I wasn’t in the mood for buying, I couldn’t resist getting some stuff: like a beautiful handmade ’40s turban style from Shabby Chic and a lovely plaid skirt from A.N.G.E.L.O.

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The Ladybug Chronicles - Milano Vintage Week ii 04

Speaking of him, this time he presented one of the most beautiful vintage expos I’ve ever seen: last edition he brought some wonderful vintage silk scarves from Hermès, this time it was all about Yves Saint Laurent. The two rooms dedicated to the designer’s wonderful pieces from the ’70s and ’80s were a real paradise for those you love vintage, but also for those of you who appreciate a good piece of fashion. I spent a lot of time admiring the decorations and the wonderful work on these pieces, and I was really amazed to find a kind of creativity that doesn’t exist anymore. It was a way of reminding me why I love vintage fashion so much.

For the occasion I wore a yellow dress by Zara, Replay biker boots, Celyn B leather jacket paired with Tolani animal print scarf and my new ’70s vintage doctor bag from Sculptures to Wear during Next Vintage at Belgioioso.

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The Ladybug’s Incredible Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of the Vintage Workshop® in Milan

Ladybug-3946I was lying on a Ligurian beach a few weeks ago when I received an email that made me almost fall off of my towel… it was from one of the most one of a kind events in the world, the Vintage Workshop®. Not only was I kindly invited to attend the event to be held in Milan from September 11th through the 13th, but I was given the exclusivity to photograph and get a behind the scenes look of one of the most private events of the vintage scene!

Ladybug-3934My adored Angela Eupani, from Sculptures to Wear, is the beautiful mind behind the event which takes place twice a year in Milan. Just a few weeks before the crowds arrive for the “Intertex Milano,” “Ready to Show” and “MIFF” (Milan International Fast Fashion) Fashion catwalks to be held in the same location (the beautiful Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan), Angela masterfully sets the atmosphere with Fashion’s classic, unique and most treasured vintage pieces. The idea of the Vintage Workshop® is to offer to the fashion professional, as well as private vintage lovers, the possibility to find the best selection of quality and luxury vintage mostly coming from private collectors and vintage hunters and from everywhere in the world! The pieces I found there are incredibly rare and one of a kind: I couldn’t stop staring at some incredible boots and handbags that I completely fell in love with.


Ladybug-3921The concept is simple: vintage amateurs can buy or rent the pieces for private use (like I did with this wonderful tan leather handbag!), designers may use it as inspiration for the new collections… solidifying the “extracted truth” that fashion doesn’t create anymore- but recycles what’s already been created from the most intensely creative years of fashion (namely ’60s, ’70s and ’80s).

Ladybug-3936This explains, in my opinion, why vintage purists don’t accept ’90s era fashion as vintage: their overall consensus is creative experimentation became an endangered species after the Chicxulub Impact of ’80s fashion. After that decade, everything has been a continuous recreation from the past eras, and the recapitulation prevails to this day. I don’t agree 100% with this dismal characterization, but I accept part of it: if it is true that most of what is created in fashion nowadays takes inspiration from the past, it is also true that the effort to create something different, even if with retro inspiration, is still very high and the results are really remarkable- especially with French couturiers.

Ladybug-3922As a vintage lover, I felt like I was in paradise in the midst of the most beautiful clothing and accessories from the ’20s to the ’80s. And Angela’s incredible knowledge of the history of those pieces left me completely stunned. It was a sort of journey through the history of unique pieces, like this amazing Yves Saint suit or Moschino ensemble, or this wonderful Roberta di Camerino dress and belt.

Ladybug-3896I fell in love with most of the shoes and bags featured there and I took the occasion to take some pictures with my favorite pieces (at least those that I could take pictures of!).

Ladybug-3909I felt like Alice in Wonderland for an afternoon and I’m very humbled, honored and excited to share all this great exclusive with you, Lovebugs!

Ladybug-3912Ladybug-207The Vintage Workshop® for luxury fashion will return on the 8th and 9th of October in Bologna. It will be a special event focusing on vintage leather accessories with a special fashion exhibition and show for the 2014-2015 collection. Don’t miss it out!