The Ladybug listens to Gauguin’s Tales from Paradise

The Ladybug Chronicles Gauguin Mudec (1)

Yet another great exhibition in Milan! This time it was in one of my new favorite venues in town, the Mudec (Museo delle Culture) where, until the 21st of February you could visit the exhibit “Gauguin. Tales from Paradise”.

The exhibit collected 70 art pieces (not only paintings) coming from many different museums and private collections and focused on one of the reasons why I have been loving Gauguin since I was a student: the inspiration coming from different geographic areas that influenced the painter’s production, from French region of Bretagne to Egypt, from Peru to Cambodia and during the most mature period of his art, Polynesia. This constant link with the place, the art, the culture and everything characteristic of the specific area he was in contact with, influenced his work.

Gauguin Mudec

The Ladybug Chronicles Gauguin Mudec (2)

Polynesian paintings are a pure joy for the heart and the eye: I literally couldn’t move away from many of them, especially “Words of the Devil” and “Woman with a Flower”.

For the event (and considering the freezing weather) I wore Sportmax black coat, Acne Studios jeans, Dixie black sweater. I added two pieces that I love: a pair of leopard printed ankle boots that I bought last year from Zara on sale (for about 30 euros!) and my black handmade turban from Madame Ilary with a pink vintage hatpin from my friend Tricia Leonard Vintage in Munich. Bag is Miu Miu.

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