The Ladybug Goes Short Before the Shorts: Vintage Outfit and My New Hair!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Short Hair 02

I found this set of pictures the other day in a folder called “The Ladybug Goes to the Cinema.” So I guess, in my mind, I was preparing an outfit post (with vintage pieces) for a cool afternoon at the movies, and I was trying to remember what I watched when I realized that it was only an excuse for showing off my new short haircut! How vain am I?!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Short Hair 01

I like my hair like this, but more than that- I find this curt incredibly easy to dry and I get my hair done in less than five minutes. Sometimes it even gets a ’40s wavy vibe that I like a lot which I tried to use to inspire this outfit. I am wearing a vintage navy polka-dot dress, a great bargain at Humana Vintage in Milan, along with the bag (the same of my post on Klimt’s expo).

The Ladybug Chronicles - Short Hair 03

Shoes are jeweled flats from Bagatt and Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Prada. And yes, this is a no makeup day!

By the way; I just remembered, the movie that I watched was “When Pigs Have Wings”…incredible!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Short Hair 04

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