The Ladybug goes to school with Smashbox at Limoni Beauty Lounge


If you could rate yourself for your makeup, what would it be? Are there things that you really cannot do or things that you would learn to do better?

Personally I’d give myself a 6: I patiently learned to do many things but there are many I am still awful at: putting eye-liner (cat-eye is definitely the worst thing for me!), eye-shadow and lip pencil; there are also things that I’d love to fine-tune: eyebrows, foundation and contouring!

The good news is that now there is a school for that! At the newly opened Limoni Beauty Lounge in via Fratelli Castiglioni in Milan you can learn the best makeup tips and create your customized makeup with a beauty expert from Smashbox cosmetics.

We organized a small group with my friends and for only 10 euros each we had an hour full of makeup hints, and a real school to create yourself your own makeup based on your tones and skin.



I incredibly created perfect cat-eye with the eye-liner, I learned how to create hyper voluminous eyelashes (using also the eyelash primer) and how to use foundation and blush correctly.

I also discovered Smashbox Cosmetics, the cruelty-free American makeup that I fell in love with; btw at the Limoni Beauty School you can use your 10 euros registration fee as a reduction for the products that you tested…isn’t it a great news?!

Can you see the results? What do you think?

I’m wearing Please wool sweater, Topshop culottes, Benetton boots and old Alexa Chung for skull necklace (and Smashbox makeup of course!)




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