The Ladybug Is A Dreamer and Dissenter: Turning the Triennale’s Clock Back to the 60’s

Ladybug Chronicles-4723

Some Sundays I am just in a vintage mood and this time the only thing I could do to satisfy myself was to head to the Triennale for a very interesting journey through the ’60s. It was indeed the last day of the beautiful expo “Dreamers and Dissenters,” a real illustrated journey through the trends of the ’60s at the Triennale (one of my favorite art spaces in Milan). So, I decided that I needed a ’60s look!

Ladybug Chronicles-4693

Dreamers and Dissenters was created by Matteo Guarnaccia who drew the tables and Giulia Pivetta who researched through archives, books and videos of the era. The result is a small, yet sparkling universe of symbols, stories, notes and cartoons.

Ladybug Chronicles-4725

Ladybug Chronicles-4732

Ladybug Chronicles-4733

The fabulous world of the Sixties is described through its trends, fashion and music: from the hippies to the dandies, from the pacifists to the surfers. There’s also Beatlemania, the Black Panthers and the Playboy Bunnies.

Ladybug Chronicles-4734

Ladybug Chronicles-4739

Ladybug Chronicles-4720

To go with the expo, I backcombed my hair and wore a ’60s inspired black and beige dress from A Wear. I added cream tights and bi-colored Primark ballet flats. I accented that with a bakelite necklace from “Colazione da” and added a heart ring from Lumiere Bijoux and white vintage button ring from Buttons as finishing touches.

Ladybug Chronicles-4721

Ladybug Chronicles-4744

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