The Ladybug’s end of summer whishlist (and a special coupon code for you!)


End of August. Sitting on my balcony in front of the Strait of Messina. I spent the morning on the beach but now thunders are hitting the sky and it started raining. I was reading a book but I got bored. What was the best thing to do? Look for new clothes for my Milan come back on Dresslily!

Why Dresslily? Because they have fantastic vintage inspired dresses that I can’t resist with amazing prints and shapes! Moreover Dresslily has good quality and very affordable prices and a great choice of styles.

So I decided to share with you my September wishlist starting from my first ten Top Fashionable Women Dresses:

I am still in love with off-shoulder dresses and this pink one with butterflies print is too cute not to love it! I find it perfect for a late summer drink or event.

As I am just back from my holiday in Japan I have a special crush for all the patterns that remind me of this amazing country. It is the case for this retro floral print flare dress that I loved also for its 40s shape.

How can we forget a bit of gingham in our retro wishlist? This light blue and white plaid A Line shirt dress has a 60s inspiration that I adore!

As I am writing this wishlist from Sicily I had my heart jumping when I saw this dress: the retro floral pin up dress looks like a traditional Sicilian print…so much love for this dress!

Same “Sicilian love” also for the Lemon print belted A Line Dress: amazing print (how could it be other way for a Sicilian native girl?!) and magnificent shape!

Here are the new arrival!

Of course, I picked also five retro inspired dresses from the new collection:

Immediate love for this striped top and palm print skirt dress as the two prints together are just perfect!

Speaking of palms I also loved the colors and the print of the beautiful tropical leaf print swing dress.

It made me think of vintage Mexican dresses this lovely red and yellow Plant Print A Line Dress with lovely cactuses printed on the skirt!

I have something for butterflies this year, that’s why I picked another Butterfly Print Swing Dress! This one has a very fresh style in white with green butterflies, and a lovely shape (I loved the three spaghetti straps on the shoulders!).

Last but not least, I couldn’t not include in my wishlist a striped dress! This one is adorable and it comes in three colors (black, navy and red).

Did you like my wishlist? If you want to see more you can join Dresslily 6th Anniversary and celebrate with us! It’s time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepares the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, makes you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday and now they offer you a discount coupon code that you can add at the check-out (DL Sallys) to get 3 usd off over 25 usd, 7 usd off over 50 usd, 13 usd off over 80 usd and 15 usd off over 100 usd! Enjoy!

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