The Ladybug on what she found out on color aversion

This is one of the very rare days when I wear total black in one of my outfits! For those who know me this is totally unusual and I find really fun that they always add this phrase after the first shock: “it suits you though!”.

The funny thing about that is that I know that black suits me on an esthetical point of view; it totally unsuits me from a psychological one. I cannot say that I have an aversion to it but I usually do not choose black pieces when it comes to my clothing. I may have a couple of pieces but most of the time they are paired with strong colors, just to soften the black effect.

But why does it happen that we have aversion to some colors although we recognize that they look good on us (especially when it comes to clothes)? During a conversation on Instagram regarding this topic, I asked the intervention of Chiara Salomone, fashion psychologist, founder of Moda e Psiche, who gave me the most clarifying answer ever: we often have aversion to some colors because we associate them to something that we don’t want to express. Boom! That was a great intuition!

I then realized (well, I knew but I wasn’t aware of the connection with my aversion to black clothes) that I have always associated black clothes with boring people without huge personality. This is not necessarily true but it was my mental association. Just to give you an example: the other day I was looking at one picture from a wedding in Italy and I was completely annoyed by the fact that ALL the women in the picture (around 15) were dressed in total black. I disliked all of their outfits just because of the color choice and I associated this with their lack of originality and strong personality. I know that in Italy it is quite common to wear black for a wedding but you know what? I have never done it!

No need to say that, although I find every single piece of this outfit great, this is not one of my favorite ones! I just don’t see too much of myself in it.

However, it is almost completely vintage for example (the soft sequined sweater comes from Inimitable Vintage, the leather skirt from Humana Vintage, the lovely bag from Live In Vintage – the only colored piece! – while the shoes are old pair of Carmens ankle boots) and every single piece was carefully picked during my online or physical vintage shopping sessions. I was in Sicily and happy to be in my hometown enjoying a sunny warm day in December but still…it was not completely me!

Can you relate? Do you have an aversion to a specific color? Just let me know!

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