The Ladybug on fashion uniqueness and identity

Does it ever happen to you that you buy something that someone else has? I mean someone you work with or just a friend? And what do you answer if somebody asks you to buy something exactly like yours?

If you buy and wear vintage this can hardly happen but for everything non-vintage it is a situation that may easily happen and that is still a taboo. I know people who are horrified if someone else’s is wearing the same outfit (fast fashion buyers, does it sound familiar?) or if someone wants to buy a piece that they already own;  I know others who really don’t care (quite rare!) – like me! – because they are convinced that whatever other people wear they can not wear it the same way!

I strongly believe in personality when it comes to fashion and I am convinced that even if I wear something that someone else is wearing we will definitely look different. This is what usually happens with my friend Simona (who is pictured here with me). Since we know each other we have acknowledged that we have very similar fashion taste even if we are so incredibly different in body shapes, colours and personality. We often buy similar things (we clarified since the beginning that this is not a problem for us as we really don’t care!) or we “copy” each other outfits, which is in our opinion the best form of appreciation for each other fashion sense and style.

The fun thing with this is that very few people notice when we wear the same things because what we bring from our personality to the outfit is way stronger that the outfit itself.

When we were asked from Madame Ilary to wear the same outfit for her new collection last spring we were incredibly excited and when we saw the shooting we realized how different we can look even with the exact same outfit!

Both shirts were created by Madame Ilary (of course in different sizes considering how opposite our body shapes are!) but have a totally different effect on us; same thing for the 50s inspired circle skirts, in different colors but with the same pattern! I added a turban, of course, and a pair of golden statement earrings from Giovanni Raspini, while Simona left her long blond hair down and was definitely less dressed up for the rest of her outfit (similar choice for the shoes!).

Can’t you see how different we are, even in our personality, even if we are wearing the same combo (handmade with love by our dear friend Madame Ilary)?

This is a very important example of a message that I want to throw out there: no matter how we dress and how similar to us other people can dress, what really “makes” an outfit is how you style and how your personality can be perceived from your clothes. In other terms, you are unique and there is nothing more stylish than your own personality: once you will manage to make it “talk” through your clothes you will never ever have to worry about anyone wearing your same clothes!

And if I didn’t convince you with that, well keep buying vintage and it will never happen to you in your life!

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